Pete Snyder Inexplicably Running For LG

So, party insiders appoint you to serve as the statewide Virginia Victory chairman to give you a leg up on running for Lt. Governor and you go 0 for 2 in the statewide races. Even before Election Day, you have people running around telling activists that you’re going to be running for LG the next year and you go about appearing in places to raise your own profile when you should be buckling down and focusing on the task immediately ahead of you.  What do you do after you come up empty?  You announce for LG anyway and you conspicuously omit that you were the Virginia Victory 2012 chairman in your press release.


SPRINGFIELD, VA – Technology entrepreneur, social media pioneer and conservative Fox News commentator Pete Snyder today announced his candidacy to become the 40th Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“The technology company that booted up in my kitchen over a decade ago created hundreds of high-paying Virginia jobs over the years, and founded an entirely new industry worldwide,” said Snyder. “I learned that big ideas, constant innovation and putting customers first drives growth and prosperity. As Lieutenant Governor, I’ll apply those lessons so we reform and transform our education system, make Virginia number one in the nation in new job creation and stop the rush to higher taxes and job-killing regulation.”

Snyder was the founder and CEO of New Media Strategies (NMS), the world’s first social media marketing agency based in Arlington, VA. NMS was named to the “Inc. Magazine 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America” list three times. Both Washingtonian Magazine and Washington Business Journal called NMS one of the area’s “Best Places to Work.” Snyder was named “2006 Best Boss” by Fortune Small Business, a “Tech Titan” twice by Washingtonian Magazine and a “Disruptor We Admire” by Smart CEO Magazine.

“We need to fix our country and our party,” said Snyder. “We’ve gone from Ronald Reagan’s Big Tent to something more resembling a pup tent. Some say capitulation and higher taxes are the answer. I think that is dead wrong. We need to double down on our conservative principles and work to win hearts and minds with big, bold, new ideas like Education Reform that will help Virginia to lead again,” said Snyder.

Snyder, a graduate of the College of William and Mary, was appointed to its Board of Visitors by Governor Bob McDonnell. He serves on the marketing board of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Board of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and the Board of Trustees of Cushing Academy. He is also a World Championship certified BBQ judge.

He and his wife Burson live in Fairfax County, Virginia.



10 thoughts on “Pete Snyder Inexplicably Running For LG

  1. This LG position seems to be a rare stepping stone into fame. The LG does just about nothing!! But the person then has a reasonable shot at being Governor………….and that puts the person in the limelight – like McDonnell and predecessors, for high national office (just look at Kaine and Warner….and the former George Allen who almost came into fame if it wasnt for Macaca!!)

  2. Pete and I are both W&M alumni (Class of ’94). He’s a good guy. I liked him then and I like him still. That is not enough to be LG, though. His only claim to fame is running a statewide presidential campaign…the first Virginia Republican campaign to do worse than the national result since 1968 – if you go by share of the vote – or 1948 – if you go by margin of victory/defeat. That just isn’t enough for a position that, should McAuliffe win, would be the titular head of the party in the Commonwealth.

  3. Losing itself is not a disqualifier. My question would be to what extent he was a willing pawn of the clueless RPV machinery vs a clueless political newbie not quite up to the spot he was thrown into?

  4. Pete is not fit to run for LG without compromising every other candidate. We need executive experience and we need to take a close look at the voter demographic we are facing and ask ourselves which candidate casts the wider net.

  5. A statement that had been made with respect to Mr. Snyder, “we need to shake up the GOP in VA” is filled with truth and clarity, though not at all in the manner it was meant. We desperately need to shake up the next in line, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine, or just be a good Republican foot soldier and you will be repaid with higher office agendas. The obvious collusion between those considered the VA Republican elites is near to obscene.

    One of the greatest and boldest statements was voiced by hopefully our next Governor Ken Cuccinelli. He said, “I was never a part of, or even aware of any backroom deals, and I never agreed to get in line.” As depressed as I am over the 2012 elections, I know that taking my ball and going home would spell disaster. I will do all I can to help Mr. Cuccinelli break up that “get in line” mentality of the VA Republican elites, and then the real shake up will begin.

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