Someone Should Be Fired In PWC…

Someone in Prince William County government should be fired, but it shouldn’t be as the WashPo is reporting the employees of the county’s Audit Services Department which has already uncovered millions of dollars in fraud and errors.  If anyone should be fired, it should be the incompetent County Executive Melissa Peacor, she of the BILLION DOLLAR Critical Unmet Needs error and million dollar per year firefighter pension foul-up among her more notorious actions.

As I said when the previous County Executive, Craig Gerhart, departed:

The worst thing that Prince William County could do is replace Gerhart with one of his cronies or someone of similar inclinations. 

Well, that is just what they did, filling his spot with his chief crony, and I finally have my answer as to which is worse – corruption or incompetence.  At least the corrupt are typically competent in what they do.  You can’t fix incompetent.