Ummmmm…  Yeah.  Someone needs to tell Pete Snyder that selling yourself as the hi-tech candidate for Lt. Gov. means you can’t have a major #FAIL with the very first word you are communicating with most voters.


I am reaching out to you today to let you know I am running to become the 40th Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

If you are looking for a career politician, I’m probably not your guy. At heart, I am an entrepreneur and an innovator. For more than a decade as a job creator, I have seen first hand what it takes to build successful businesses: big ideas, constant innovation and a laser-like focus on results.

The Lieutenant Governor of Virginia has never been more important than right now. We need a conservative Republican Governor to lead Virginia forward, and we need to elect a Lt. Governor we can trust to cast the pivotal tie breaking vote in the Senate and deliver real results for a conservative, reform-minded agenda.

I am fired up for what is ahead for Virginia. Yesterday, I announced my intentions in Richmond and am already out working hard, campaigning in Southwest Virginia. Please take a moment to watch my campaign announcement, and see what this campaign is going to be about:

Even though the stakes for our country and Commonwealth have never been higher, doesn’t it seem that the politics have only become smaller? Our campaign will be about big ideas, innovation, and real results.

Both our party and our country need serious change. Some say capitulation and higher taxes are the answer. I firmly disagree. We need to reapply our conservative principles. In order to win new hearts and minds, we need big, bold, new ideas like sweeping Education Reform that will help Virginia lead again and rescue generations of students and communities from failing schools.

Please take a moment to stop by my website, and learn more about this campaign. Like me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter. Get involved in changing our party and our country by signing up to be a delegate at the convention this year, and join us in our movement.

Based on my lifetime as a strong conservative voice and on my record of real results in the real world, I know I can be that leader for Virginia. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you and talking with you very soon.

Ready to Bring the Heat,

Pete Snyder





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  1. What makes this further interesting is that Obama’s chief advisor on technology will also be running for Lt. Gov……..and as you all know, we (Democrats) are on a roll!!!! or you guys’ roll is in the other direction!!!

  2. People without mail merge experience won’t understand this.

    You are saying that Pete Snyder tried to send out a mass email to his supporters but his software program failed to insert the name of the supporter?

  3. Yes exactly. How can you so boldly tout your mass communication tech abilities, and then so completely fail at getting the voters to the polls in a presidential election. It would appear that Mr. Snyder just may be one of those people involved in the Romney campaign who got a paycheck no matter whether Romney won or not. Pat Cadell was so correct when he said that those running Republican campaigns are top down people who could care less about the base and grass roots supporters. And so many claim that the Democrats reward their losers?

  4. LL……It is something like Chikora……………he once worked for Warner and is supposed to be a rocket-science type!!! (like all the Democrats)

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