Framing The Cuccinelli vs. McAuliffe Race For Gov.

If Democrats nominate Terry McAuliffe for Governor, I can see exactly how AG Ken Cuccinelli can frame the race early and win a commanding victory.

1.) Define McAuliffe the same way Dems defined Mitt Romney. McAuliffe is a super-rich guy who made his money via a very questionable deal with Global Crossing – a company that went belly-up shortly after McAuliffe cashed out. As even Not Larry Sabato put it on Facebook last night, McAuliffe has said he moved thousands of jobs out of Virginia to Mississippi because VA wouldn’t give him a big enough corporate tax break. Turnabout is fairplay, Terry, and payback is a bitch.

2.) Paint this choice for voters:

Ken Cuccinelli = Bob McDonnell’s VA. If you approve of the direction Virginia is going, then Cooch is your man as he’s cut from the same cloth as McDonnell.

Terry McAuliffe = High tax, crime-ridden Maryland.

Most Virginia voters, especially those in NOVA, will immediately get the contrast. One can assume that a majority of NOVA residents could have chosen to live in MD over VA, but did not for some reason, whether it be taxes, the availability of jobs or general quality of life. Basically, it could be a “Don’t Maryland Virginia” theme.

If Team Cuccinelli moves quickly on both the fronts, he will be on his path to victory.


4 thoughts on “Framing The Cuccinelli vs. McAuliffe Race For Gov.

  1. Cooch has some very powerful arguments against McAuliffe with his shady company dealings, and that he moved jobs out of VA. He can successfully paint him to be exactly what the Democrats are demonizing those on the other side for. I do think it would be a mistake though for Cooch to say he is cut from the same cloth as McDonnell. There are many Republicans in VA that have had some real issues with McDonnell such as his apparent support of green energy initiatives. It appears that he supports a wind farm off the VA coast. McDonnell also made the statement that he can’t wait to see vehicles going down the road powered by solar. Didn’t McDonnell require that all state vehicles be switched over to alternative fuels? Even though some of the so-called Republicans in the VA legislature have watered down some bills such as the voter ID requirements, backing off on the requirement for viewing ultrasounds before abortions, and one of them at least wanted to increase the requirements to get on the VA ballots to run in elections when the current requirements are some of the toughest in the nation. Gov. McDonnell appeared to be very weak in pushing hard for those bills when they had real teeth. On the other hand Cooch has been very vocal with issues that conservatives care deeply about. He has truly been a leader in his fight against the encroaching federal government power grabs with EPA regs and of course Obamacare. Cooch is a fighter, McDonnell not so much it seems.

  2. Riley,
    I think you identify a key component of what Cooch needs to do and why Romney lost.i.e., you have to effectively attack your opponent. Offering a vision and a plan like Romney did was fine but if you leave your opponen’ts weaknesses and failures unexposed or underexamined, your opponent is not going to do it for you unless he is a bumbling fool.

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