Ken Cuccinelli for Governor

For what should be obvious reasons, Election 2012 maintained center stage until November 7 (and somewhat afterward). Now, slowly, Election 2013 is coming to the forefront for Virginians – in particular the race for Governor. Recent events have made clear that Ken Cuccinelli is the superior choice.

As State Senator, Ken established a near-perfect record figthing to keep spending low, taxes to a minimum, and government interference as limited as possible on family, communities, and localities. He has continued to do this as Attorney General, refusing to rewrite laws via opinions, and thus respecting the will of the legislature that wrote the law at all times. When others might think first of their political viability, Ken put the viability of the law first. It is this record that has shown he will be an excellent Governor for Virginia.

Additionally, Ken has revealed himself to be the best choice to defeat the Democrats in November. He is the first gubernatorial candidate in the history of the Republican Party to win election to office in Fairfax County three times (2002, 2003, and 2007). Two years later, depsite being considered the most controversial of the three statewide nominees (and up against arguably the most difficult opponent), he won 57.5% of the vote, and came a mere 36,000 votes shy of running first among all statewide candidates.

In summation, Ken’s record over the past decade has shown he will be an excellent nominee, and an excellent Governor.


5 thoughts on “Ken Cuccinelli for Governor

  1. Agreed. Ken is the best candidate for the office of Gov we have had for sometime. At this critical time in our nations history it will be conservative republicans in the various statehouses providing the counter weight against the destructive public polices foisted on America from Washington. Virginia by electing Ken Cuccinelli can lead that effort.

    1. Give Ken a chance. He is born and raised in NOVA, is from middle-class stock, and has a big family. He moved out of Fairfax County to Prince William County a few years ago so he could afford a bigger home, so if that doesn’t put him in touch with the rest of us, I don’t know what would.

      And I wouldn’t read too much into the invitation price. That is something the candidate rarely sees at the level he is running for. I’m sure that he’ll also have other events that are low-dollar ones so that people who cannot afford to give that much can still show their support for him and meet him in such a setting.

    2. Honey, that’s a fundraiser. Most poor people don’t attend fundraisers. That doesn’t mean Ken isn’t in touch with regular people. He’d be the first to admit, that’s all he’s ever been, regular people. He’s a middle class, nerdy, engineer, from a middle class Italian family who went to state colleges. Anyone who knows him, knows that there is not one bit of snobbery in his whole being. He’s as middle class as them come.

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