What happens now in Virginia? Will Bolling run again for Lt. Governor?

We’ll know by later today if  Lt. Governor Bill Bolling intends to run again for Lt. Governor.  Some sources say that he will not run.  Some hope that he’ll wait until 2014 and challenge Mark Warner in the Senate race.

What happens if Bolling runs again for Lt. Governor?  What happens to the current candidates?  How many of the following candidates will remain in the race against Bill Bolling?

Scott Lingamfelter

Susan Stimpson

E.W. Jackson

Scott Martin

Corey Stewart

Pete Snyder

Jeannemarie Davis

Pete Snyder just kicked off his candidacy on Tuesday.  Did he know that his friend, and co-worker on the Romney campaign, Bill Bolling, was going to drop out of the race for Governor on Wednesday with the possibility of his candidacy for re-election?  If Snyder was aware of that, it seems very unlikely that he would have announced his run for the same office.   One rumor tonight said that pressure was being put on Snyder to drop out. That would only be happening if Bolling was running again.

If Bolling is in the race for Lt. Governor, I see most of the above list collapsing.   There certainly be pressure on each of them to withdraw from the race.  What are your thoughts?



4 thoughts on “What happens now in Virginia? Will Bolling run again for Lt. Governor?

  1. Why would anyone be afraid to challenge Bolling at this point? He’s been defeated twice now by McDonnell and Cuccinelli without a single vote cast. He has no strength.

  2. It seems very unlikely that Bolling would desire to stay in any capacity in a Cuccinelli administration. Not only judging from his words in his suspension statement, Bolling has made it pretty clear that there is bad blood between him and Cooch. Going by some very early support stats, Bolling likely knew he would have a very hard time beating Cooch.

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