Will Bill Bolling run as an Independent?

So speculates the Washington Post in this article.   Even Marcus Boyd, a top adviser to Bolling, implied this is a possibility.  ““I can say that’s certainly an interpretation that you could make from the statement he issued,” said Marcus, a veteran Richmond consultant, adding that he expects that to be “a topic of conversation” when Bolling speaks to the media Thursday.””


5 thoughts on “Will Bill Bolling run as an Independent?

  1. If Bolling has any plans to run for any future office he will not run as an Independent for Governor. One Virgil Goode in the state is more than enough. I’m reading many comments about Bolling being an honorable man and loyal to the party, and that may be why he dropped out, for party unity sake. A run as an Independent would blow those nice guy theories out of the water. If Bolling didn’t think he could win against Cuccinelli at the convention, whatever would convince him that he could win the Governor’s seat as an Independent? Running as an Independent will widely be perceived as a revenge move that surely would throw the race to the Democrat. I seriously doubt Bolling will do that, but then again Goode has now been in every possible party there is, Democrat, Republican, Independent and now Constitution party.

  2. So Bolling is mulling moving the Republican nomination battle into the general election and winning both. Governor McAuliffe will be eternally grateful. Unless Bolling has some legitimate grievance that Cooch actually backed out of an agreement to let Bolling have the top spot on ticket in 2013, Bolling will be pursuing an independent candidacy more due to spite and personal ambition than a geniune desire to honorably serve as Governor of Virginia.

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