Bill Bolling will not run again for Lt. Governor but will continue to whine

A year ago I supported Bill Bolling for Governor.  I had tremendous respect for him.  Over the last year, my support dwindled, and now my respect for him has evaporated.

Bolling is refusing to endorse the republican candidate for Governor, even going so far as to say this about Ken Cuccinelli  ““I have serious reservations about his ability to effectively and responsibly lead the state,” he said of Cuccinelli. “And given those reservations, I could not in good conscience endorse his candidacy for governor.””   What the heck?!  Of course Ken will lead effectively and responsibly, just as he did as a state senator and as our Attorney General.  This is nothing but bitterness and sour grapes.  It does nothing but make Bill Bolling look small, petty, and vindictive.

Bill Bolling has grown so out of touch with the electorate that he thinks there is a possibility of a groundswell of support for him to run for Governor as an independent!

“I think this does give me the opportunity to be more of an independent voice on a lot of the issues facing Virginia today,” Bolling said.

“I think there are Republicans who have concerns about Mr. Cuccinelli’s candidacy and Democrats who have concerns about Mr. McAuliffe’s candidacy, and there are probably a lot of independent voters who are looking and saying, ‘Is this the best that we can do?’ So we’ll just have to see how that campaign unfolds over the next few months.”

If  Bolling can’t win the republican nomination, why would he think that he could win the Govenorship as 3rd party?  Bill Bolling has lost his mind, and that’s a terrible thing to see.


8 thoughts on “Bill Bolling will not run again for Lt. Governor but will continue to whine

  1. Amen.

    If this is the way Bill Bolling acts in the face of a daunting convention challenge against another Republican, imagine how he would have reacted as Governor when faced with the in your face, demanding Democrats who are hell bent to destroy the state, and the country. In reality he is actually acting like an entitled Democrat who can’t get his way. With Bollings statements about Cuccinelli, and his revengeful behavior, he is insuring that any future political aspirations he may have had, in any capacity, are now being dashed by he himself. This is not pretty.

  2. There is only one thing that would justify this sort pique on the part of Bolling and that is if Cuccinelli had looked Bolling in the eye and agreed to Bolling heading the ticket in 2013. As far as I know that never took place; if it did Bolling should simply stand up and state it . What he is engaging in now is the politics of personal destruction, his own.

  3. WRONG folks…..Bolling has sat patiently by as the past two governors held office…and NO, NO, NO…..Cooch ran the AG office as his own political hack back office….running around the courts advocating his ideological positions and charging the litigation to us hard working taxpayers whose agenda is to support families and pay bills…..Cooch went after Obamacare all the way to the Supreme Court and then what about the UVA professor and his projects. There again, we paid, Cooch lost……….and i believe these moves evidence the rest of his use of the AG office…so dont say he ran the office responsibly…the opposite is apparent. So, if Bolling has reservations, these are well-founded. The far right extreme wing of the party has screwed Bolling by setting up a ‘convention’ Bolling owes the party NOTHING. The party owes Bolling everything…So Bill…….stand up for yourself…screw them all!!!

  4. Folks if Bolling or another runs as an independent, it’s just another chapter of the establishment GOP in VA keeping their boot on the neck of the grass roots. They’ve used that many times in the past to keep us in line. If they do it this time I predict it will be the end of the GOP in VA. Look for a political insurrection that will be the beginning of a new political movement if that happens. The GOP needs to learn very soon to truly live its conservative principles. If it continues to just “play the game” and not live it, it will soon find itself on the ash-heap of history.

    As for Ken’s activities as AG, all his actions as far as I can tell have been directly in the best interest of the citizenry of this state. And by the way, the Supreme Court challenge only failed because of the logical gymnastics that Roberts had to pull in order to get the outcome he wanted. Clearly he put politics ahead of reason in his decision.

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