Democrats Refusing To Compromise On Entitlements Creating “Real Danger” Of Going Off The Cliff

Uh oh.  Politico reports:

Speaker John Boehner on Thursday said that “no substantive progress has been made” on fiscal cliff negotiations, and warned that if Democrats don’t come up with a better compromise on entitlements and spending then “there’s a real danger of going off the fiscal cliff.”

Republicans are already indicating they are willing to give on revenues. I guess Democrats believe that compromise is simply getting your opponent to agree with you and you don’t have to give anything up in return.


5 thoughts on “Democrats Refusing To Compromise On Entitlements Creating “Real Danger” Of Going Off The Cliff

  1. Boehner sounds like a dangerous wild man running lose with a knife. He also talks the role………if he doesnt compromise, then the stock market will collapse and all the folks who pay his bills and those of his fellow right-wingers will lose big bucks on their stocks.

  2. Whoa, Ken. Boehner has been talking nothing BUT compromise. Where will Democrats compromise in this? This tax now, cut later approach has been tried time and again and the spending cuts Democrats promised never came. Not in 1986 with Reagan and not in 1990 with Bush 41.

    1. Boehner…..compromise? He sounds to me more like a gambler with nothing to lose……..the President will ultimately take the credit or the blame for whatever happens………and we both know the rep. game plan is to make the President look bad at all costs. How much more evil can a pol get than McConnell and Boehner………..they s/b impeached!!

  3. Ha! The republicans will ultimately be blamed, along with George Bush.
    More and more I am convinced that the President wants us to go right off that cliff. That helps his agenda. So he has no reason to compromise and he won’t.

  4. The botttom line is the President, regardless of party. I do think that Bush was responsible for everything that went wrong and although, Boehner and his colleagues seem more interested in making Obama loook bad, they wont get blamed when the market drops 500 points on the day after New Years Day.

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