GUEST POST: Black Power in America

The following is a Guest Post by Angela Shelton:

Black Power in America

What could possibly explain Barack Obama?

We all know the story of the unknown from Chicago with little experience appearing on the national stage briefly in 2004 at the Democrat convention. We all know the truth that a White person with the same dismal record regardless of gender, would not have made it out of the primaries, let alone elected President of the United States. We witnessed the multitudes of young Black men and women voting and many more Black people voting for the first time (and second time in November). We witnessed millions of Americans regardless of skin color, voting for Obama, understanding the “Change” in the 2008 “Hope and Change” meant change from a history of white male presidents and allow a Black man “for a change”. Fast forward and almost a month has past since Obama’s reelection during the worst economy since the Great Depression. Millions of Americans added to the the welfare state in one form or another. “Do for self” is now, Government do for me! Obama is the ONLY president that could have survived a first term without ANY accountability for anything that went wrong, and much went wrong as you and I lived it. Black Power?

Ambassador Rice is seriously being considered for Secretary of State in the mist of a foreign affairs scandal? Could black power the explanation? I do know that Black power was on full display in the media, when perfectly legitimate questions were asked of Rice concerning the obvious lies she told the American people concerning the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Afghanistan. U.S. Senators are now labeled as White U.S. Senators to make it known that because they are White they are illegitimate in the questioning of ANY Black Democrat, especially the Black U.N. Ambassador.

Certain words and phrases are now considered intimidating and threatening – Chicago, Food Stamps, others escape me. Any and all White Republicans are automatically suspect! Determined to be hate filled bigots and illegitimate in all areas of governing. Black republicans are even more illegitimate and down right disgusting – any derogatory name or label will do to discredit, intimidate and discourage them! Black Power has arrived.



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  1. What a bigoted hateful attempt at literature. Obama came on a stage that was about to collapse. Arguably (although some bigots will contend that he was accidently elected President of Harvard Law Review) he is a very intelligent analytical person. His enemies contend also that things have gotten worse since he came into office….how much worse could they have gotten relative to when he came into office? McCain had to suspend his campaign because he thought things were so bad the nation was in an economic crisis). Black Power??? He couldnt have done a damn thing without all the white power that elected him. I am an Irish-American and proud that i volunteered for and helped to elect him in Prince William County……

  2. Black power, yup. Look at the many cases across the nation that are increasing rapidly with black youths doing the sucker punch game. Look at the number of people who were badly injured or even killed in the name of Trayvon Martin. Did you hear the story today about the 3 black youths who punched a store clerk in Houston in the face, then he shot one of them and killed him. The father blamed his son’s death on the clerk. Then the store owner released the video tapes of the incident to a local TV station showing the viscious assault by the guy killed and his two cousins. The store had recently been robbed at gun point. Just as the Black Panther Party put a bounty out on George Zimmerman’s head, and caused his entire family to go into hiding for their own safety, they are now doing the same in Houston.

    This must stop, yet they yell and scream that blacks are arrested disproportionately. It’s getting very scary.

  3. Obama is still “The Magical Negro” …. because of white guilt…instead of analytical figuring. The fools in America voted because they “felt”…not because of any reasoning (thinking) on their part.

  4. you still think that Romney was the better candidate…………….nooooooooooooooo……………i can count to 47

  5. Doug………….and just who counted to the first 11 trillion!!!!!! Democratic nominee for Governor in 2013?? either McAuliffe or Bolling!!! I cant help but recall – Hager dropped out in favor of Gilmore…………….what a huge loss to Virginia

  6. Ken,
    Well I know who wasn’t counting a Senator from Illinois; Harry and Nancy. One of the most frustrating things about Romney the candidate is that he conceded who and what were responsible for the collapse. How the Dems don’t get tagged for their role in the collapse via their control of Congress and their control of Fannie and Freddie thru their political hacks like Raines is maybe something you can explain with that can of historical whiteout in your hand.

    And yes W was responsible as well, but W ran as a social conservative but ended up governing like a Republicrat, thanks to guys like Rove and Norquist, hopefully, the Republican Party has learned a lesson – Real Conservatives win; faux conservatives lose.

  7. That’s good Doug……..can of historical whiteout!!!! and sure, everyone holds some of the blame for things that went wrong……….but the comparison is, in my mind, minute!!!GW, Rove,Cheney, Rumsfeld….they fubared our society…….

  8. Ken,,,,, the deficit was no higher in 2007 than it was in 2002. And it was headed for reduction right up till the election of 2007. The nasty little truth that’s been white-washed was that the Senator from Illinois joined his ilk in BOTH Houses of the Congress (which they took in that election) and together…democrats TRIPLED the 2007 number in 2008….. All Bush did wrong was fail to VETO these turds when he had the chance.

  9. Monk…………you’re dead wrong again ………the deficit was $5.0 trillion when Clinton left…………and $11 trillion when Bush left

  10. Mrs. Beckles,

    Once again, I commend you on your honest observation and opinion about the failiures of unifying the nation as the Obama presidency alleged it would do in 2008. The reality of the matter is, people such as Ken Reynolds, have a tendency to ignore what was actually said; instead, they shoot off racially divisive points about how unfairly Obama has been treated because of his race.

    I posed a question some time ago, about the difficulty that I find that people of color can claim to have any commonality with “America’s First Black President”

    1. Born to a White mother, and a Kenyan father
    2. Raised solely by a white mother in Indonesia, with her Indonesian husband
    3. After she passed, he lived with his White grandparents in Hawaii
    4. Attended Occidental College and Harvard, where the populations combined are less than 1%
    5. Moved to a Chicago suburb and remains there to this day

    Show me how his story bears any resemblence to anything racially that people of color have encountered.

    My challenge to those who read this message is this: Instead of complaining about the matter being brought up, as Mrs. Beckles did so well, discuss its merit of truth based on fact and not emotion.

    Obama has been more racially protected, then he has been racially chastized and I can prove that by the black radio ads on urban stations asking black America to “have his back!”

  11. Ken, you’d better familiarize yourself with talking points before shooting off your keyboard. Clinton’s deficit was ZERO. Bush and the US responded to the attack of 9/11 in 2002 -dipping for the first time into deficit territory. I see you didn’t actually read the graph in the post I presented. Again—we see a liberal “feeling” instead of thinking.

  12. What a night for whoopers. First, i am sorry and embarassed for skimming over the article about racism. BUT, i do find it beyond ironic for others to
    ‘whitewash’ President Obama’s blackness into something ‘not black.’ In fact, i look at Obama as an infant born to two parents that deserted him, raised by grandparents and achieved incredible educational feats on his own……………and the rest is history!!! And Monk, Bush left his presidency with $11 billion in debt………..amen.

  13. Monk, we’re all entitled to make up charts and graphs to support our individual biases………….this does not turn the charts and graphs into truths though!!! Maybe i’ll make up some rummeygrams or cheneybullets!!!

  14. hey, dumbass… it’s from the OBM (Office of Budget and Management) you know….the government entity that tracks this kind of thing.
    And , you should know that in the comments above, you just called an african-american a racist.

  15. monk – i was dead-wrong skimming over the comments about racism…………..but YOU dont know what you are talking about regarding the deficit vs. national debt. The deficit, me boy, is the difference between what is taken in in a given year and what is spent; the national debt is an accumulation of the deficits. The deficits have been running about $1.0 trillion in the red. The national debt has increased from $11 trillion in 2008 to $16 trillion today. AND, its OMB not OBM………………

  16. you’re too funny, Ken. Evidently, you still didn’t read the chart because it CLEARLY states that it’s a Budget and Management chart.
    OOhhhh…..can I have ” debt as a percentage of GDP” , Alex????

  17. Maybe that is the problem Monk………..its called the Office of Management and Budget, not the other way around………..maybe you have a phony name? to go with your information?? hohohohoho

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