Jeannemarie Davis for Governor?

Now that Bill Bolling’s out of the Governor’s race, will Jeannemarie Davis step into the race as the moderates alternative to Ken Cuccinelli?  Rumors are flying and Jeannemarie’s campaign is not denying that she may run for Governor.


16 thoughts on “Jeannemarie Davis for Governor?

  1. She’s looking at doing something like congressman in Alabama too! This chick just doesn’t want to get a day job like the rest of us! #unelectable

  2. I wish Jeanmarie would run….and hope Tom helps her. Bolling has been screwed over by the party and is putting up nut-job Cooch for the position. Cooch has used his position to push his ideological views on all of us. He spent our hard earned tax dollars running up and losing the Obamacare case before the Supreme Court and lost the UVa case against a professor………..He has NOT run the office of AG for the people and does not deserve a promotion. And Bolling is correct in his reservations. How about a Bolling-Jeanmarie ticket?

  3. I call him that sarcastically, and sorry to offend you LL………….he is, you must admit, more of a Cooch thn a Nelli. I just dont like him or his politics………..

  4. Well, if the Dems are doing to call him the Cooch, then I think the GOP is justified in referring to Terry McAwful. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

  5. I hope she does. She will get so completely crushed at the convention that it will give real conservatives more ammunition, “See, he beat a moderate at convention and he can beat them in the general election too.”

    She isn’t going to win the LG nomination anyway, so whe would get more publicity running for Gov. But, like Bolling, she may get beaten so badly it may hamper future political ambitions.

    Cuccinelli-Jackson 2013.

  6. You guys just never learn……dont you understand that the recent election clearly demonstrated that the people DO NOT want any more extremism???????? i.e., Cooch

  7. Could you get any more milquetoast than Romney? Or do you mean right-wing like McCain? Bob Dole?

    And the current governor is solidly right and won with large margins. And, I might remind you, that Cucinnelli is currently in a statewide office which he also won with large margins.

    The “extremist” argument is old and untrue.

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