Jeannemarie Davis staying in LG race, backs Cuccinelli

Within 24 hours of Bill Bolling’s announcement Jeannemarie sent out an email to tens of thousands of Republicans on supporting Cuccinelli as governor.  Jeannemarie is not running for Governor, she backs Cuccinelli and that has not changed.

As we look forward to meeting with many Virginia Republicans at the Advance this weekend, we were all surprised by Lt. Governor Bolling’s decision not to run for Governor.

I want to thank Lt. Governor Bolling for his service as Lt. Governor for the past seven years. The reason that I and several other candidates are seeking the Lt. Governor nomination this year is to continue to ensure that we can break any 20-20 ties in the Senate with votes to stop excessive regulations, taxes and infringements on our Constitutional Rights as well as protecting our conservative values.  I also want to thank Lt. Governor Bolling for twice putting the party first and stepping aside to allow both Bob McDonnell and now Ken Cuccinelli to focus on beating the Democrats rather than have to go through a drawn out intraparty battle like we had in the Presidential race this year.

While I do agree with Lt. Governor Bolling that there are some advantages to primaries, I do also believe there are advantages to conventions that will help the eventual nominees for Lt. Governor and Attorney General give Ken Cuccinelli the best chance to become the next Governor of Virginia.

As I toured Virginia in recent months, I saw too many hard-working grassroots activists who were frustrated they could not do more to help.  While certainly raising the money to communicate our message is important – and I will continue to raise the money needed to win if I am the nominee – in too many cases the party has ignored the ability grassroots activists have to win over their communities throughout the Commonwealth.  While many of us can laugh at President Obama being a “community organizer,” the fact is that for all his faults he understands the importance of grassroots and a Republican convention is a great way to get together and rebuild the Republican grassroots army to win in 2013 and beyond.

I look forward to working with you in the months ahead, and please do not hesitate to call my campaign at (703) 798-6622, or go to our website at for more information.

Jeannemarie Davis


10 thoughts on “Jeannemarie Davis staying in LG race, backs Cuccinelli

  1. Oh Jeanmarie……….you sound like Romney…………….are you selling out to the most practical bidders? what is the Advance???? something like a Republican borrowing instrument?

  2. I trust her as far as I could throw her. We have better candidates to choose from. Tom Davis has backed Cuccinelli in the past. He’s a pragmatist, but when it comes to his wife… Just no…

    1. Agreed.

      The reinvention of JMDD is a ploy, don’t be fooled. Any politician that accepts money and an endorsement from Nanny Bloomberg and runs to the left of her D opponent on gun rights deserves to be thrown to the curb anytime they raise their hand to “Serve”. I don’t care who her husband is.

  3. I might be wrong but I don’t think she is necessarily just angling for a better chance at winning the LtG slot. I think it is a career move in a Cuccinelli Virginia.

    I tend to see it possibly as a 3 person race with Lingamfelter looking pretty strong right now. BVBL has a thread up right now on it. I don’t know if it those 3 he has in front are the three indians who will be left standing as the campaign wears on but such a large field has circus written all over it and one can’t rule out the possibility that the clowns do better than expected, look at what happened in the presidential campaign.

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