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Virginia Virtucon is pleased to announce that Shaun Kenney has joined our staff and will assume the title of Publisher.  Shaun serves as the Chairman of the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors and is a former Communications Director for the Republican Party of Virginia.  He holds the distinction of being one of the first political bloggers in Virginia, starting his journey a full decade ago in 2002. Shaun lives with his wife, seven children, and what he likes to describe as a modest attempt at a farm in Kents Store, Virginia (a.k.a. Thomas Jefferson’s backyard.)  Please join us in welcoming Shaun onboard.


13 thoughts on “Please Join Virtucon In Welcoming…

  1. Welcome Shaun. I’m Ken from Dale City and it is my job to provide reliable and accurate information to these extreme far-right wingers who try to keep Virginia and the Nation in the caves!!!

  2. Can VV take over where the News and Messenger leaves off? It is awful that is happening………………but we need some way to reliably know what is going on? Buffett really -pisses me off………going the Bain way with our only local source of information…….

    1. Potomac Local and now Manassas Local are both fine organizations. Uriah Kiser, who previously worked for the News & Messenger, runs them. Woodbridge Patch is okay. Plus there’s another one called NOVA Today (right now the PWC section is hosted on the LeesburgToday website.) The News & Messenger made the mistake of forgetting about local news and trying to be a big-time player by running AP Newswire stories when what people really wanted to know was what was happening right there in their own town.

  3. So Potomac Local really is a viable newspaper? That would be great……..i really like to read local stufff early in the am……..Thanks for the information…….

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