Stimpson Urges Bolling To Reconsider His Refusal To Endorse Cuccinelli

Very well put.

Protect our Convention, our Party and our Values.

Our values, our Party and our Party convention are under attack. Every day since the November election the establishment and liberal media have been screaming that the Republican Party must surrender its conservative values.

Some are saying we must now agree to raise taxes. Some are saying we must now abandon the unborn. 

And some like Lt. Gov Bill Bolling have been attacking our 2013 Convention because they empower our grassroots activists, rather than establishment-oriented, big-money support and TV advertising. This position is perplexing as he himself previously advocated for and enjoyed the support of the 2009 Convention that propelled Bob McDonnell, himself and Ken Cuccinelli to victory.

But now even more shockingly, Bolling has stated in the Richmond Times Dispatch, with his exit from the GOP Gubernatorial race, he won’t support our apparent nominee for Governor .
While I understand his disappointment that he won’t win the nomination, this position is simply indefensible and destroys his legacy as Lt Governor. This is the same “burn the house down” approach that the establishment has threatened us with in the past when they don’t get their way. 

Threatening to either not support our Nominee or run as an independent undermines the very values Bill Bolling professes to support – the same values Ken Cuccinelli supports — and helps Democrat Terry McAuliffe win.

Now more than ever VA Republicans must be united to stop the encroachment of the Federal Government. With Obama’s re-election, things like Obamacare can’t be repealed, and the best way to stop it in the Commonwealth is a Republican in the Governors mansion and a Republican LG and AG. A Governor McAuliffe will enable Obamacare in the Commonwealth through the expansion of Medicaid.

After every convention we expect the Party to come together and support our nominee. To not support the nominee for Governor means you think Terry McAuliffe and his Clinton-Obama big government agenda is healthy for Virginia.

Movement Conservatives like me have always backed our GOP Nominee even when we strongly preferred someone else in the primary. And when Mitt Romney won the nomination this year, we called on all wings of the Republican Party to support him. We asked libertarian supporters of Ron Paul and social conservative supporters of Rick Santorum to rally to support Mitt Romney. They did. But if we are to follow Bill Bolling’s example, they should just quit and go home. That’s just wrong. Bolling’s way leads to an endless future of liberal big government victories and the diminishment of our values and liberties. I reject that.

Republicans win, when we are united to lead on the issues. Our conservative values. Our commitment to limited government. Our opposition to higher taxes. Our defense of states rights and individual liberties. We lead on these issues united and we win. The establishment and liberal media want us to surrender our values and endorse their agenda. I won’t surrender and we shouldn’t give up our beliefs. 

And we should reject anyone who supports an effort to divide us. 

I urge Bill Bolling to reconsider his position, strengthen his legacy, and continue his role as a senior Party statesman.

I pledge that while I plan to win the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor, that I will support and eagerly endorse all the nominees we select. 

I look forward to talking to you on the campaign trail and seeing you at a great convention in May that will propel our ticket and our values to victory.

Susan Stimpson
Candidate for Lt. Governor


12 thoughts on “Stimpson Urges Bolling To Reconsider His Refusal To Endorse Cuccinelli

  1. SCREW the alleged values Bill Bolling……..they screwed you good and now are puttting Cooch up to take over by convention. Bolling actually best Sesn C. in a primary about 8 yrs ago…….if Bill Bolling capitulates to this scenario, then he wasnt worth a damn in the first place!!!

  2. How did anybody “screw” Bill Bolling? What I find offensive is the scenario of a backroom deal between McDonnell and Bolling that if Bolling pulled out of the governor’s race it would be his turn next. Since when do the establishment politicians make the decision about who will be our candidates? Ken had a right to run. A convention gives the grassroots the power to choose the candidates. What’s wrong with that?

  3. Bill Bolling was screwed in at least two ways….first, he was in line to run for governor when McDonnell stepped forward. Bolling stepped aside….there were no back room deals……and now Cooch steps in……….a true wacko from the right wing. The “convention” is the grassroots of the local hacks…….NOT THE GRASSROOTS…duh.the grassroots are the people……..yes the PEOPLE…..Bolling beat Connaughton 8 yrs ago in a statewide primary………now Bolling is screwed again when wacko Cooch steps in. We are going to cream Cooch!!!

  4. Ken R., you are nuts! Bolling stepped aside both times because he knew he would lose. He would have lost in 2013 whether it was a primary or a convention. The convention just saved us money. As soon as Cuccinelli announced, this nomination battle was over. It’s always been in Bolling’s power to run and let the chips fall, but he always knew he would lose against McDonnell or Cuccinelli. He hoped his “agreement” with McDonnell would clear the way, but unfortunately Ken C. being the statesmen that he is felt it best for himself to run at this time in the history of our state. We need his leadership. Bolling was a good soldier and followed orders, Cuccinelli leads!

    The only negative in this would be if Bolling or other establishment types try to hand the election to McAwful by running an independent candidate. There’s a long tradition in VA in the GOP of doing just that when they don’t get their way. Unfortunately if they do it this time, they will probably permanently destroy the GOP in VA. It’s a good sign that McDonnell has already endorsed Ken. Hopefully that will be enough to keep the dogs at bay.

  5. last time i ckd with my team of doctors Rtwing Extrmst, i was not viewed as nuts!!! But how about yourself? Mr. Bolling would be nuts to let the right wing wackos steal the convention on behalf of their extremist wacko Cooch…………The nation and better minds in the Rep Party have all viewed the results of the last election as a message to dump the Cooches of the Republican Party……..and that is what Bolling is doing. Also, i wasnt aware that McDonnell has already endorsed Cooh. If so, he too is thru!!

  6. Ken, as I’ve gotten to know Cuccennelli, he’s grown on me. I did not care for him once….but his positions on the consequences to Virginia on Obamacare have been dead on. He was right on the money with the 10th Amendment, and then he opined in the Metro debacle in Loudoun…
    That was the final step that brought me to Cuccenelli’s support team….he definitely was on the correct side of all three issues, constitutionally speaking.

    As for liberals in general — they all suffer from a mental disease called cranial/rectal inversion.

  7. Hi Monk………, ‘liberals’ are the ones that are reaaly ‘right’!!!i dont know about metro in loudoun, but i do know cooch was dead wrong on everything he touched………but, le the voters decide………..he’ll get killed in the election. Bolling will be the independent, mcaulliffe will be the next gov……..and you guys will sit back and scratch your head and, again say, wtf happended??

  8. Me thinks Ken R is a liberal troll who knows how to use wikipedia trolling a conservative site. Enjoy be politically ineffective my friend.

  9. Jj..I DID NOT use wikipedia (actually dont know how to!!)……….normally i am ineffective in my political choices vis-a-vis winning and losing…..but finally had huge gains this past election…..dont you agree? You right wing extremists were slaughtered at the polls….i dont mean to rub it in……but so many of you insist on pretending you won something……c’mon….surrender………o’bey us!!!!

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