My brief view on the advance…..

What a wonderful setting ( Though I prefer the Homestead Resort) and a wonderful group of people at this year’s RPV advance at Virginia Beach this year. What is usually a time of fellowship and coming together however, turned out to be an official display of the Virginia L.G Candidates this year, and I hope everyone there had a chance to come to some kind of clearer decision on their choice.

One of the big highlights was the candidate’s forum that included the AG candidates and the millions of LG Candidates. As always in this setting Bishop Jackson spoke as if behind the pulpit getting the crowd pumped up and feeling much inspired, though in my belief unelectable he always gives such a wonderful and exciting speech and our party is lucky to have him as an advocate.

The other thing that stood out is Pete “Napoleon Dynamite” Snyder, after the failure of Victory this year he has moseyed on into the room of grownups in the LG race. Spending what had to be an insane amount of money to throw up the fog to hope that no one notices, he has nothing to run on. And should not be in the field of the other qualified candidates. Other than Snyder I am glad to see such a group of folks stepping up to want to be LG. It shows that we do have a great bench of Republicans here in the Commonwealth and the future should be bright in their hands…Though I myself will say Go Lingamfelter…


My overall view of this year’s advance was even though it was a year of turbulence in our party, it was great to see some unity and some great fellowship. I myself created new friendships throughout the Commonwealth, and in that new Conservative allies to help me step our recruitment as well as more ways to deliver our commonsense virtues and beliefs. It’s not the message that needs to change its how we deliver it. Let’s get it done.

Also the Colgate party at the Cavalier on the hill was the best party of the year!! You can’t beat Limo shuttle service.


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  1. So is Virginia Virtucon endorsing Scott Lingamfelter for LG? Cause Terrence (the author of this post) forgot to mention that he’s working for him. So is he getting paid to trash Pete Synder on the blogs, or is him trashing Pete Synder represent the views of VV?

  2. First the title says my views on the advance and two i don’t need to get paid to trash Pete Snyder ..Im not a paid robot and can voice my views without being told to or paid to do so -Terrence Boulden the author of
    this post.

    1. Terrence fdgoldwater Boulden,
      We need to get rid of the Rove/Norquist/Morris types of operatives in the Party, you should be apologizing to both readers and your own candidate. Lingamfelter just went down a few notches in my preference among the LtG candidates.

  3. Right now, i am for Lingamfelter also (this may change since i am a moderate!!)………also, the LG is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oveerpaid since he does nothing at all. Should be arrested for stealing public funds!!!!!!

  4. Since I never heard of Pete Snyder before he became the Victory Chair, can someone tell me who he is and why anyone would go to a convention to vote for him?
    I am not paid by any candidate and I like Scott Lingamfelter!

  5. Once again I’m not speaking on behalf of any campaign, why am i not allowed to voice my opinion on a…Blog?

    1. No one is questioning your right to voice an opinion, but if you are working for a campaign a disclaimer or acknowledgement of your self-interest should be included somewhere, especially if you trash any of other the candidates running against the candidate for whom you are working.

  6. Can we please stop pretending that Jeannmarie Davis is a viable candidate. She is not . For Gods sake she is not even a Republican. She is a progressive nanny state acolyte of Soda Jerk Mayor Bloomberg who is far better suited to be in the Obama administration than running as a Republican for statewide office in Virginia.

    1. I am getting paid by no one to write anything, but JMDD is my last choice. That’s right, I will take Pete Snyder over an anti-gun, Bloomberg supporter. If everyone else drops out of the LG race, is it possible to run Ham Sandwich over JMDD?

  7. i have not been paid by any campaign and my bank account proves it so i dont know where you folks are getting your information from. I am a Virginia resident who writes for a blog that practices free press. I think Pete Snyder is a shark and will damage the party..and I will voice any and all opinions of him that I wish. If you want Pro- Snyder stuff find a blog that will post it, and read there. You will be hard press to find many folks that will celebrate his candidacy..

    1. fdgoldwater,

      That should have been your first response, albeit in a shorter statement, i.e., I don’t work for Lingamfelter, I’m not getting paid by him.. (perhaps you volunteer but that is different.)

      Next time don’t let a charge like that linger without addressing it, by not addressing it in your first response, you appeared to be conceding that it was true. Haven’t you ever watched a Man for All Seasons?

      I apologize for assuming you would defend yourself more pointedly. I have no opinion on Snyder except his record in the recent campaign hardly recommends him as a frontrunner.

  8. I thought I did state that in my response to whoever Mr anonymous is that first questioned me…Your point is taken.

  9. fdgoldwater,
    bobjones578aa is just an empty blog, it will be interesting to see if he is anything more than a Snyder defender in blog.

    I did find your use of Napoleon Dynamite amusing and thank you for your thoughts on Advance.

  10. LL- In my humbler unsolicited opinion, you Reps. need a lot more JMDD’s and a lot less Karl Rove’s. I thought you all may have learned this on election night!!!

    1. Ken,
      I thoroughly agree with the later part of your opinion – a lot less Karl Rove or we will be watching you celebrate many, many more election nights for years to come.

  11. ??How does one run as a partisan write-in candidate? HS’s initials are PE, right? And he has always been a Democrat….goes back to the Johnson years — the years, that is, in the 1900’s and not the 1800s………….

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