GUEST POST: Black Power in America (Part 2) – Power In Victimization

The following is a Guest Post by Angela Shelton:


Black victimization is the power play in the media this week. How is it that Black columnist Jason Whitlock has the audacity to accuse the National Rifle Association of gun and drug running in Black communities without the fear of being dragged into court for slander! Whitlock’s good ol’ boy cooperation of considering that criminal perpetrator Kanas City Chief Linebacker, Jovan Belcher as a victim of CONSERVATIVE WHITEY. Meanwhile, forgetting the infant victim and her mother Kasandra Perkins, yet calling for the elimination of our second amendment right. Just like a college graduate majoring in Black Studies!

Another example of that type of Black power wielding came from none other than NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd running his bigoted trap about the movie Lincoln, today’s Republican party, the debt cliff and the usual accusation of racism. Just like the typical White liberal media worker, always using their learned ability to stoke the inferiority complexes of many of their minority viewers, while stroking their own elitist/superiority complexes. Using the bygone era of American Slavery as the constant analogy since the election and reelection of the first Black President. This repeated mantra from mainly White liberals of Black people as victims for political gain/power has become the fruition of the 1960’s fist pumping proclamation for Black Power! The funk and stank of this reality burns my nose! Not once did my fore bearers envision power on their knees as recycled victims as White folks need them!


7 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Black Power in America (Part 2) – Power In Victimization

  1. Thank you for your excellent perceptions Angela. I appreciate your writings. One of the biggest problems as I see it is that history books have been re-written to change the entire slavery argument. I happen to agree with you in that many considered to be suffering from white guilt don’t suffer from that afflication at all. They suffer from the afflication of using the minority population, in demanding they stay on the plantation in order to further their progressive goals, bank accounts, and careers. It isn’t only the black population affected, it is the Hispanic population being destroyed as well.

    1. I can’t tell you how much it scares me that we will destroy another community like our policies have destroyed the Black family and the Black communities. It’s sinful what democrat policies have done to the Blacks. We’ve ruined their education, their families, their communities, and their chances for a real future. I am praying that we don’t do the same thing to the Hispanic community, or any other community. So far, the Asians have escaped the ‘help’ that ruins entire populations of people.

  2. The truth is when any aspect of OUR society is “destroyed” then America is as well. We can pretend we are isolated and watch as libs conjure up solutions that in turn destroy us all. Don’t act as if you don’t see this mess we all are in. No, Black people are no different than any other people, it’s the inferiority complex that has been blindly embraced that causes some to believe not only against themselves but their OWN COUNTRY as well.

    1. Our society has told them that they’re inferior, for decades. Democrats tell Blacks they can possibly compete without affirmative action, dumbed down education, and a ton of welfare programs. Democrats and their programs have made Blacks feel inferior by telling them over and over that they can possibly make it without government help. It’s pathetic.

  3. Love – That’s not quite how it all went down. I’ll try to be short and sweet. Once the integration of public schools were complete, social engineering began and victimhood was taught. Inferiority complexes are a result of social engineering that teaches victimization. Public School social engineering is a major reason why our society is perverted.

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