Janet Clarke Stepping Down as Vice Chair in Loudoun

UPDATE:  A reliable source tells me that Shawn Williams will be the new Vice Chair because York wants to thank him for his help in getting metro passed.    Damning with faint praise.

Janet Clarke announced this week that she will not be vice chairman of the board in Loudoun for 2013.  More here.  This a big loss for conservatives in Loudoun.  We have few true conservatives on our board, Janet is one of them.  I hate to lose her, and her views, in that leadership position.  However, after the way Scott York has treated her, it’s hardly a surprise.  Scott thought he could force her to cave on metro, and other issues, and she wouldn’t.  She stood up to him and the other board bullies.  That’s why she’s a hero to me.  She not only talks the talk, she walks the walk, with her head held high.

Who Scott York will tap to be his new vice chair?  Since Eugene, Ralph, and Shawn are likely to be spending time in various courts in the next year, Scott may choose someone else.  More on Ralph Buona and Shawn Williams lawsuit here.   Eugene’s problems are well known, thanks to the Washington Post who never tires of bashing Eugene.  I have little doubt that Suzanne Volpe  will be lobbying hard to fill the role of vice chair, but I don’t see Scott choosing her.  It sure won’t be Ken Reid, so  I guess that leaves Matt Letourneau, York’s only other ally on metro.


8 thoughts on “Janet Clarke Stepping Down as Vice Chair in Loudoun

  1. Of course I think Volpe would be a great choice. At least that would keep some balance on the board. My guess is Buona. Letourneau is Buona’s minion so either person gets picked, it’s Ralph.

    1. I doubt Volpe would have the support of the rest of the board. She waffled too much on metro and none of them knew how she would vote until the day of the vote. Politicians don’t like that.

      We can discuss it more when I see you this evening.

  2. I agree, Janet is cute and one heck of a nice person. She has done so much for young people and so much for her community. She is a true servant of the people. We all need more people like her in government service.

    I also agree that the most likely choice is Ralph, even though he’s a committee chair and being sued. Ralph is Scott’s pitbull.

  3. Delgaudio is the man. He should be VC. He has the most longevity on the board and obviously controls much of what happens.

    1. Hahaha, as if! Why would York let Delgaudio control anything?! He doesn’t. You may not have noticed but Scott York is in charge in Loudoun and he’s no fan of Eugene Delgaudio, to put it mildly. York controls the board, as you well know. Eugene has no control, none at all. But then you know that. Why do you like to pretend otherwise? It’s weird.

    2. Really? That’s what passes for humor in his world? At several sites he has posted that Eugene controls the board. Since everyone knows that is not true, it makes Satchmo appear to be out of touch with what happens in Loudoun. He just looks, well, dumb. Perhaps that’s the underlying problem.

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