What Happened to Hillary Clinton?

In 2008, Hillary Clinton looked like this:


Hillary 2012What the heck happened to her?   Did her job as Secretary of State age her 20 years?  Did she burn all her bras and fire her stylist?  Something else?




21 thoughts on “What Happened to Hillary Clinton?

  1. No Clinton fan, but that gal had a tough job the last four years. It can wear on you, especially when you have a POTUS with the tendency to let SecState carry so much of the tough one-on-one VIP water. POTUS disses the Israeli PM, for instance; and it is SecState who has to sweep up the ugly mess backstage and in private. And she did a whole lot of traveling on her tour of duty.

    1. I understand your point Wolv, but if Hillary Clinton had an ounce of decency she would have exposed Obama for what he is – a statist with no clue on how to protect this country. That she stood by Obama and his dangerouse decisions over the past 3.5 years may surprise some, but after the way her husband lavished praise on Obama on the campaign trail – it is confirmed the 2 of them are merely party hacks. The toll on the way she looks is nothing compared to the toll this administration has put on this country.

  2. She’s been a disaster as far as Foreign Policy and protecting America’s interests abroad goes, actually I think she would have made a better President than Sec of State. She would have done a much better job with the economy than Obama, (but the first time Obama and Hillary face off in 2008 it was pretty clear that the invincible Hillary and Clinton machine didn’t have a chance against Obama).

  3. Disaster in foreign policy?????????????? FCS, Hilary, like humpty-dumpty, has put the world together relative to what it was in 2009. Sure, there have been problems, but as an individual, i feel safe in going overseas again……..I did not feel that way towards the en of Little George’s term

    1. Ken,

      So you are signing up for the Arab Spring Capitals tour? I hear if you can make it thru the Sahara on the last leg of the tour you can watch newly armed insurgents light up the skies at night as you float down the Niger on whatever you could find as you ran for your life thru Libya and Mali.

  4. Go ahead……….keep on blaming Obama/Hilary for the weather and anything else that happens in the world…………..

    1. Ken,

      If you don’t realize that American involvement in the Arab Spring, especially in Libya, was essential for how things have become so screwed up then you don’t know what happened. And by the way I don’t take Party aligned positions on the Arab Spring or most foreign policy issues for that matter. McCain and Graham were just as much idiots as the administration on much of what has happened during the Arab Spring and Romney was positively awful on the issue, he had a number of Bushies on his staff who were disasters back when and would have been even more so in a Romney admin.

  5. You’ve got some points there, Loudoun Lady; but, quite frankly, I think POTUS wore the woman out. I have watched a lot of secretaries of state in my time, and I felt often in this case that she was going off somewhere for VIP meets on key subjects when it should have been POTUS carrying the ball personally. I guess the real story of her tenure will only come out when someone like Bob Woodward cracks the inner circle and tells us what went on in those White House meets where Hillary faced off against Joe Biden, the National Security Council, ODNI, SecDef , CIA, et al, in an effort to convince POTUS on foreign policy. Who knows? Could be some instances where her counsel carried the day and helped to keep a situation from getting out of hand. SecState is not a federal cabinet post with an exclusive territory. Foreign affairs get a lot of hands into the pie, and SecState has to watch his/her back all the time.

    1. Bus markings? How about the bus driver? A cross between Sasha Cohen and Mohammed Atta, you wouldn’t want to stay on til the last stop.

      Wolverine, there’s a good insight into ‘Obama’s Way’ in your observation about how in he ran Hilllary into the ground. Obama does very little in the way of work, (and that is not necessarily a criticism) he let’s his opponents destroy themsleves. Unfortunately, while it may have its advantages domestically, foreign policy wise I would maintain it has been a disaster.

  6. Romneysia is getting to be a permanent problem……you guys just dont seem to remember the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld Let’s Blow Up the World Program in the first decade of the new millenium!!!!

  7. Ken,

    The Drones are delivering some pretty stark facts to their targets. The reality in Benghazi and Libya did not seem to concern Hillary and the administration when they intervened in Libya. Nor did reporting facts and reality seem to be too important to the administration when reporting to the American public what happend on 9/11/12. So !!! and CAP all you want this Administration’s foreign policy is as bad, if not worse than the last.

  8. This simply reflects how open-minded and moderate i am. I had a great time at the Lingamfelter-Anderson breakfast on Friday morning!!!!

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