The Washington Redskins—America’s Team!

It seems all of America wants the Redskins to beat Dallas on Sunday night at Fed Ex field.   I’m calling this “the love of RGIII factor”.   The whole nation loves our rookie quarterback.


In an ESPN poll, of 200,000 football fans the results show 73% of the country wants the Redskins to win.

From a Washington Post sports blog,

“As you can see, 73 percent of voters would like to see the Washington Redskins win, and only in Texas do a majority of voters favor the Dallas Cowboys.

Of course, the Cowboys hate seems even stronger away from the DMV, where many deranged weirdos (including my daughter’s kindergarten teaching assistant) grow up rooting for the Cowboys. Maryland (78 percent Redskins), Virginia (77 percent) and D.C. (76 percent) trail places like Michigan (82 percent Redskins), Pennsylvania (82), New Hampshire (82), Vermont (82), Massachusetts (82), Maine (81), Wisconsin (80) and Minnesota (80) in right-mindedness.”

Poll results here. 

UPDATE:  The country was right!  The Redskins beat Dallas, 28 to 18!  We’re number ONE in the NFC east for the first time since 1999.  RGIII was nine years old when we last held the title!


3 thoughts on “The Washington Redskins—America’s Team!

  1. I got tired of the Redskins after the dummies wasted millions of dollars on new QBs, coaches and assorted others and thought they needed to trade the owner!!! As soon as i became a Packers fan this year, the Packers started losing and Redskins winning. I told my brother in Dallas that the Cowboys s/be a minor league football team……… least i POd a Dallas fan!!! Anyway, i just dont care anymore. At least my nationals are coming up. Oh, RGIII is a real class act. I cant believe he slipped under the Cowboys radar………annyway, maybe i’ll go to Church on Saturday night….? Happy New Year LL

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