What’s wrong with Hillary Clinton? Where is she?

UPDATE:  Canker sores.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Hillary now can’t testify on Benghazi because she has canker sores.  No, I am not kidding, although it does seem like a joke.  “According to a State Department spokesperson, such testimony is doubtful as Secretary of State Clinton is suffering from “really bad canker sores.”   First it was a very long stomach virus that took weeks to recover from. Next it was a concussion that rendered her unable to leave the house.  Now it’s canker sores?  What’s next? Achy gums?  Painful hangnails?  Bad hair?  (Oh wait, that’s been true for a year. ) My money’s on a painful fall on the ice this week, twisted ankle, bent knee, ringing head.  

No one has seen Hillary Clinton for three weeks.  At this time of year she normally has a party at her house for close women friends.  She normally attends the State Department Christmas party.  She didn’t attend the President’s announcement that he is nominating John Kerry to follow her as Secretary of State, although the President said she very much wanted to be there.  She made no appearances when Senator Daniel Inouye died and was lying in state.  Where is she?

Hillary hasn’t been seen anywhere since she returned from her last trip on December 7th.  First we were told that she had a stomach virus.  Later, on December 15th, we were told that Hillary Clinton would not be available to testify on the Hill at the hearings on Benghazi because she had fallen and sustained a concession.

Where is she?  After three weeks, one has to wonder if Hillary is seriously ill. Surely she isn’t in hiding for weeks to avoid testifying about Benghazi.  I think we can all agree that she hasn’t been looking well over the last year.  What’s wrong with her?  How ill is she?

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4 thoughts on “What’s wrong with Hillary Clinton? Where is she?

  1. It does sound scary………..maybe she really is sick…………one would think the staffing and security of embassies would be handled capably by senior Dept of State officials???

  2. That does sound like reason for serious concern with regard to her health. Hiding from testimony about Benghazi really makes no sense. You cannot hide forever thinking Congress is just going to go away.

    That aside, the involvement of SecState in some cases regarding security for a mission is not unheard of. In late 1997-early 1998, the US Ambassador in Nairobi asked State for more protection against a possible terrorist attack, including a need to move the embassy to a less vulnerable location. She was turned down but then made a personal appeal to SecState Albright. Eventually, some security modifications were made but not nearly enough. A terrorist bombing in Nairobi in August 1998 killed hundreds of people, including 12 American embassy staffers and circa 40 Foreign National Employees of the mission.

    A Congressional question should be whether Ambassador Stevens, after his security requests were turned down by State Dipl. Security and State Admin, made a personal appeal to Clinton. If so, what was her answer?Such a personal appeal could explain the involvement of the Bureau of Near East Affairs and the resignation of that Deputy Assistant Secretary.

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