The Brightest Rising Star in Prince William County

Virtucon’s own, Jim Riley, has been named the Brightest Rising Star in Prince William county.  The Sheriff of Nottingham said this about Jim Riley “In the Potomac District, Jim Riley is building a name for himself as a responsible voice for taxpayers and good government.  Riley is positioning himself by talking with residents in the Potomac District about restoring the integrity of the Supervisor’s office in the Potomac District and in bringing a needed fresh voice for taxpayers rather than the current apologist for big government that occupies the office.  Riley is well liked and well spoken on the issues.  Caddigan, if she even dares to run again, will have so much baggage from the corruption with discretionary funds (assuming she does not face a recall trial in the interim) that her previous lock on the Potomac District will be broken.”

The Sheriff is right, Jim Riley is exactly who the Potomac district residents need to represent them on the Prince William Board of Supervisors.   It’s high time that Caddigan’s gone and some integrity is returned to the board.  Jim’s the perfect candidate to do that for the Potomac District.


5 thoughts on “The Brightest Rising Star in Prince William County

  1. PS…..if i was running for something, i would think twice about accepting the backing of someone who calls him/herself the Sherriff!!! weirdo creep!!

  2. Taxpayers in Prince William love the sheriff. Without him they wouldn’t be informed of what’s really going happening in their county government. They wouldn’t know about the board’s slush funds and how they’re being spent. Nor would they know what their board is plotting, outside the public eye. The public would not have known about the big tax increases that are being planned for them.
    No, Jim Riley is not the sheriff but, like the sheriff, he is very big on truth and transparency in government.

  3. Lovettsvile Lady, please don’t lump me in with that group. I do support the Tea Party but I do not support the Sheriff of Not. Sorry,…. he embellishes his stories. If we had to depend on him for truth we would be in big trouble. There are quite a number of conservatives who have not jumped on his bandwagon. Maybe you should stick with what goes on in Loudoun County. Have you figured out why those in Loudoun went head over heels for Obama?

  4. Right on Patty………the “Sherriff” is a load of nonsense……..The “slush funds” were much ado about nothing………….with few exceptions, they were not abused………what they needed was more transparency, NOT elimination……….as far as taxes go, we have the lowest tax levels per capita in PWC among large northern va jurisdictions last time i looked…….

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