My reaction to the fiscal cliff debacle: the GOP caved, and will again

So while I was on vacation, the Republicans did what I expected them to do in the “fiscal cliff deal” – they caved.

They did not attempt to explain why tax increases are a bad idea. Instead, they tried to minimize the damage as much as they could, and yet even in doing that they have managed to make things worse.

It is now abundantly clear that the Republicans in Washington are terrified only of being “blamed” when the plans for ever-larger government goes off the rails. They will have the same fear – and thus cave in the same manner – when the debt-limit and sequestration debates arise over the next two months.

Meanwhile, the president – having gotten a deal that reduces 10 cents in spending for every dollar in projected revenue increases (One News Page) – keep in mind that the actual revenue raised will be smaller, most likely far smaller – is demanding even higher taxes (Forbes).

From a national perspective, it is difficult not to demand a new party on the right to replace the Republicans.

Yet locally, it is a very different story. The entire Republican delegations in Virginia and Maryland voted against this debacle (House Vote). Even recently defeated Congressman Rob Bartlett voted no. Given that in Virginia, the number of Republican Congressmen is eight (to Maryland’s two), this is a much bigger deal south of the Potomac. It shows there may yet be a future for conservatives in the GOP in the Old Dominion.

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