What is Scott York doing to Eugene Delgaudio? And Why?

(photo courtesy of the Loudoun-Times Mirror)

Earlier this week Loudoun Board Chairman Scott York stripped Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio of all committee assignments.  Supervisor Delgaudio was previously on two of the four standing committees and he has been elected to the board 4 times.  Once again, Chairman York is making it clear that he would prefer Delgaudio not be on his board of Supervisors.

Supervisor Delgaudio’s attorney Charlie King, said this today,

“Under the Board’s Rules of Procedures, the Chairman recommends committee assignments subject to the Board’s approval. Chairman York recommended Supervisor Delgaudio be given no committee assignments.

It’s unfortunate Chairman York used parliamentary rules to accomplish what he knew he could not through the proper process.

If Chairman York believes Supervisor Delgaudio engaged in misconduct, as in the Whitener case many years ago, he should invoke Robert’s Rules of Order to pass a resolution, establish a committee, conduct an investigation and, if necessary, hold a hearing.

Supervisor Delgaudio is the seventh board member Chairman York has accused of misconduct. There is a pattern. What is different this time is the Chairman’s allegations may be tested in a hearing before the Board. Witnesses may be cross-examined, documents will be subpoenaed.

Supervisor Delgaudio hoped voting for the investigation would clear his name faster. He voted for the committee assignments to avoid embroiling the entire Board in another controversy.

A hearing would at least give Supervisor Delgaudio a chance to defend himself”.  Wouldn’t that be a good idea, a hearing prior to jumping to a conviction, which is what Scott York seems to have done.

Supervisor Delgaudio has been accused of misconduct by ONE former, disgruntled, part-time, employee, Donna Mateer, who was fired because she was unable to do the job.  The Washington Post was quick to jump in and cover the story.  A former, democratic, Supervisor, Stevens Miller, was also quick in forming a PAC to FOIA the information filed by the disgruntled Ms. Mateer.    Mr. Miller has formed a PAC and set up a blog, both directed at Supervisor Delgaudio.  Clearly Mr. Miller is hoping to return to Loudoun county politics.  Currently a special prosecutor is doing an investigation to determine if there was any wrong doing by Delgaudio.

Supervisor Delgaudio has not been charged with any wrong doing.  He has not been arrested.  He has not been convicted of anything.  So why is Loudoun County’s ALL republican board not supporting him?  Why did Chairman York strip Supervisor Delgaudio of his committee assignments?  What message is York sending?  Why is an all Republican Board supporting accusations against Delgaudio made by democrats, including Stevens Miller, and the Washington Post?  Why aren’t they supporting one of their own, republican, board members?  One who has been elected to represent Sterling 4 times?  Has it occurred to Chairman York that if he is successful in replacing Supervisor Delgaudio, that seat is lost to republicans forever?  No other republican can ever win in Sterling.  York is very aware of that fact.  Which brings me to another point.

Chairman Scott York ran as a republican in 2011.  Without Supervisor Delgaudio, that would NOT have happened.    It was Eugene Delgaudio who convinced many Loudoun County republicans to welcome Scott York back into the party in 2011 and urged us to vote for him at the convention where he was challenged by conservative Steve Stockman.  Thanks to Delgaudio, York eked out a victory, with a mere 30 votes to spare.   An excellent blog post was written on this subject 2011.  It outlines very well what Eugene Delgaudio did to reunite republicans in Loudoun around Scott York.   Has York completely forgotten that he owes his victory in 2011 to Eugene Delgaudio?  Is this how he pays back people who have helped him?  What exactly is York hoping to accomplish?  What is his goal?  To prove that he is on the side of the Washington Post and the democrats?  Has York ever been a republican?  Or was he just playing one in 2011, and using Eugene Delgaudio, to get elected?


2 thoughts on “What is Scott York doing to Eugene Delgaudio? And Why?

  1. York has become an embarassment to many who believed in him. In 2007, I was convinced to help him, and we laid down his cape and brought the alternatives to the builder’s buddies in. I’d do it again, but in hindsight, I’d have scoured the countryside to find REAL conservatives to run against the LCRC ( of that time’s) psuedo-conservatives.
    And my dissappointments with the 5 (Delguadio was one of those five) have spawned exactly what I warned they would. Liberals (drawn to higher density areas) moved into those buildouts….and we lost the county because of it.
    York added insult to injury by voting and leading the pushing for Metro and MWAA to be paid as we opted in….

  2. I don’t know any republican who still likes Scott York. If the convention was held today, he’d be lucky to get 5 votes. I hear Scott has done this to many people, including the former Sheriff. He gets a bug up his butt, decides that he doesn’t like someone, and he goes after them personally. Eugene is just one in a long line of people who have been treated unfairly by York. The good news is, we can rid of York in 2015!

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