Reaction to McDonnell’s proposed tax hike

The Washington Post details the reaction to Governor McDonnell’s proposed tax hike.

The bad news: Speaker Howell will co-sponsor the fiasco. As if on cue, the Democrats (Delegate Vivian Watts speaking for them) want even higher taxes.

The good news: Republican Delegate Benjamin Cline – co-chair of the legislature’s conservative caucus – is insisting on a “revenue-neutral” plan (i.e., no tax increase). Grover Norquist is against it, too, but after his debacle of a performance on the recent federal tax battle, he’s far less important than Cline at this stage.

It’s early, but Cline’s reaction tells us McDonnell does not have the entire Richmond GOP behind him. That’s a good start.

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2 thoughts on “Reaction to McDonnell’s proposed tax hike

  1. If it’s ‘revenue neutral’ why would McDonnell want it? Would it still send more money to roads? From which other pot? To increase transportation spending, the money has to come from somewhere, either new taxes, or decreased spending somewhere else.

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