AG Race: Will Campaign Cash on Hand Meet Expectations?

Supporters of AG candidate Mark Obenshain at this morning’s Virginia Beach Republican Committee breakfast boasted that the Senator will have $750,000.00 on hand in the fundraising report scheduled to come out this week.

BellObAt this same time in January of 2009, then Attorney General candidate Ken Cuccinelli reported $220,537.00 in cash on hand, John Brownlee reported $116,589.00, and $53,874.00 for Dave Foster.

Thus, for Obenshain to have $750,000.00 on hand would be almost double the January 2009 fundraising report for all three of the 2009 Republican Attorney General candidates, combined.

Delegate Rob Bell opened the 2013 race with a sizable cash advantage to Obenshain.  In the first period that closed June 30, 2012, Bell raised $692,837.00 to Obenshain’s $198,123.00.

All eyes will be on the all important finance report scheduled to be issued Tuesday.  As Bell and Obenshain are both in the legislature, they are prohibited from raising money during session.  Consequently, the numbers are very important; both campaigns will have to live on what they have raised for the next few months as delegate selection draws near.