PWC Gets Its Own Drudge Report

Not long ago it appeared that Prince William County would be an arid wasteland of news coverage with the announcement that Warren Buffett was shutting down the county’s lone remaining newspaper that he had just bought. Hyper-local news web sites such as, and the various Patch sites appeared to be all we would be left with. Then came the announcements that two new weekly print newspapers, Prince William Today (which also salvaged the site) and the Prince William Times, would begin publishing at the start of this month.

Now, PWC has its own version of the Drudge Report — a one-stop place for all of your local news. The PWC News Network has now launched and features an aggregation of local news from multiple sources. It has as its innovative business model an auction system for ad placement based upon how much someone is willing to pay for clicks and views.

Head on over and bookmark PWC News Network and check back regularly to find out the latest about what is going on in Virginia’s second largest county.


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