PW Today: “Are your property taxes 20 percent too high?”

Head on over to Prince William Today on the web site to read my latest View from the Potomac op-ed column, “Are your property taxes 20 percent too high?


One thought on “PW Today: “Are your property taxes 20 percent too high?”

  1. Few people understand the ‘carryover’ funds and believe they serve as a cushion, and have never found out why this exists. . As you point out, our elected Supervisors decide how to distribute the funds. I remember Ruth Griggs used some $23 million several years ago to four-land what was then Old Bridge Road, and believe the funds are not ‘wasted’ I agree with you that the carryover budget process s/b subject to taxpayer scrutiny in the same manner as the rest of the budget. However, i dont believe we are overtaxed relative to the other jurisdictions in northern Virginia “rates” to my way of thinking mean nothing in themselves. What matters, is not the property values in the other jurisdictions, but the number of people the taxes are serving. In this way, what is important is the level of taxes per person served (this includes children [schools] and adults [roads and public safety]. One final matter – the so-called ‘slush funds’ should not have beenabolished. It was a political ploy when a few supervisors got caught spending the funds as if they were personal funds rather than clearly saying they were county funds. The county should provide for supervisors funding things like little league and specified needs of groups such as ACTS that are needed in Eastern PWC and more ball field enhancements in Gainesville………..As you know, most of the uses were for under $500 and not worthy of wasting County time on scrutiny………….thank you!!

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