There are many more details to come, but the state senate passed an amendment today to House Bill 259 that will change the Senate districts drawn in 2011.   One democrat Senator, Harry Marsh, was absent, in DC for the Inauguration.  The vote was 20-19 and has been sent to the House of Delegates.  Rumors are at least one current, democrat, state Senator will lose his seat, could be more.  Stay tuned!

The senate adjourned today at 4:10.  When they go back into session tomorrow, it can be watched  streaming live, here.   The House of Delegates is also adjourned for today but can be watched here tomorrow.

This could have large ramifications.  If republicans have control of the Senate and the House of Delegates beginning in 2015, it’s very likely that they will also control Congressional redistricting in 2020.   Getting this amendment passed is a VERY big deal!  Congratulations to our Republican Senate delegation in Richmond!  Well played!

UPDATE:  Copy of the bill here.  It’s bad news for democrats and they are hopping mad.  The whining has commenced!  Boo Hoo.  More coverage of the story, and democrats’ anger, here.  Threats of lawsuits!

Why the redistricting is a good idea. 

UPDATE 2:  Kenton Ngo has created a map with the new districts here.  Better maps are now available here, you can zoom into your street location.



  1. Does this mean that Prince William County will finally get a Senator of it’s own? Or will the county continue to get sliced up and given away to the rest of the Commonwealth like it always is?

  2. Today was lobby day too. Nice of them to skip out on meeting with their constituents in favor of inaguration parties.

    1. Agreed, but not into five districts. At least the new map brings it down to four I think.

      The real issue here is that the GOP have now sabotaged Governor McDonnell’s transportation plan. How can the GOP expect anybody in Northern Virginia to ever support them?

  3. We have 5 senators inpwc…………this is though the sneakiest trick i have seen come out of richmond in the past 40 years…………..this time though, it will backfire badly!!!

  4. Gee and no one can figure out why the popularity of politicians is so low among the American people. Its not acceptable to engage this way in your familiy setting, nor in your business setting, so why is this acceptable for politicians? Its not.

    And now were surprised the Dems have given us the thumbs-down on a transportation plan!?! We’ve set the stage for dirty-dealing, no one should be surprised about anything being sabotaged for the sake of politics from here on out…. the entire session is in the crapper now.

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