Obenshain: Transportation plan should not have tax hikes

Mark Obenshain became arguably (depending on how one reads E. W. Jackson’s statements) the first statewide candidate the first AG candidate in Virginia to publicly oppose tax hikes for transportation. From his letter to constituent:

I firmly believe that we need to find ways to put more resources into transportation, but that’s a matter of prioritizing transportation spending within the existing budget – not of raising taxes.

Kudos to Obenshain. We await a similar comment from all the state candidates…particularly Mr. Cuccinelli…

UPDATE: We have heard something from LG candidate Susan Stimpson, who came out against the tax increases earlier than Obenshain did. Mea culpa.


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One thought on “Obenshain: Transportation plan should not have tax hikes

  1. What is the date of this letter to constituent? Bell has been right on this since the transportation bill was introduced.

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