Snyder and Bell: we don’t want tax increases in the transportation plan either

Meanwhile, Pete Snyder (by phone) and Rob Bell (or, to be precise, his campaign – by email) have informed me they, too, don’t want a transportation plan that is also a tax increase.

So, for those keeping track, opponents of the McDonnell plan as-is (today, January 21, still an overall tax increase) are…

  • For Attorney General: both Republican candidates (Obenshain and Bell)
  • For Lieutenant Governor: Stimpson, Snyder, Jackson, and (according to Stimpson, via phone) Stewart, but not and Lingamfelter (see comment below), but not Devolites-Davis, or Martin
  • For Governor: None

We are still awaiting comments from the de facto Republican nominee for Governor – Ken Cuccinelli.

However, I, for one, will not wait silently much longer…

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5 thoughts on “Snyder and Bell: we don’t want tax increases in the transportation plan either

  1. Scott Lingamfelter needs to come out against this, but even more important, Ken Cuccinelli needs to oppose it. Ken cannot be seen as supporting ANY tax increases and expect to win the Governorship.

  2. DJ-

    As you know I am playing two roles right now. First, the General Assembly is in session demanding 10 to 12 hours of my time per day. On top of that I am campaigning for Lt Governor. I and my staff can find no record that you called and left a message. But if, in the course of working 16 to 18 hours per day we missed your message, my apologies.

    Regarding the Governor’s transportation initiative. I applaud Governor McDonnell opening the discussion on an important issue to all Virginians. As I have explained to the Governor, I have issues with specific parts of the plan. First, I don’t believe a tax increase will solve the transportation problem and will oppose any effort to raise taxes. As my record shows, I have opposed tax increases from the very first day I was sworn into office.

    Second, I don’t think it is advisable to rely on revenue from the Federal government, because that legislation has not passed Congress and we can’t count on Washington to do so.
    What I do believe is that we must prioritize State government spending and re-allocate the expenditure of the State Government’s general fund on the matters of greatest import to our constituents – in this case transportation.

    As stated earlier, I made my concerns known to Governor McDonnell and am working daily to arrive at a solution that will drive the needed funds to transportation without strapping Virginians with higher taxes. Further, I made these opinions clear at the Lynchburg candidates forum last Saturday night.

    Thank you


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