Susan Stimpson: Whaddya mean Obenshain was first to oppose tax increases?

Less than two hours after I posted on Mark Obenshain’s opposition to transportation tax hikes with these words…

Mark Obenshain became arguably (depending on how one reads E. W. Jackson’s statements) the first statewide candidate in Virginia to publicly oppose tax hikes for transportation

…Susan Stimpson herself called me to note her earlier statements on McDonnell’s tax hike. To wit, from her campaign’s Facebook page:

The Governor has put forward a transportation plan with many parts that need to be closely examined.  I will study the plan the Governor has put together, and while there are some tax cuts in this proposal, I begin with skepticism of any plan to raise the sales tax.  Getting Virginia’s transportation moving is critical, but given the dramatic growth of the budget over the past 12 years, we must ensure it is not done with higher overall taxes on Virginians. (January 9)

Virginia Republicans have the Governor’s office, House and Senate but instead of making real cuts to shift money to transportation, we propose raising taxes. Virginians are taxed too much already.  We need real cuts to government, not more taxes increases.  (Today, with You-Tube clip of her debate comments from this weekend)

Given that Susan is my candidate for Lieutenant Governor, I am especially embarrassed at this oversight (but reassured at my choice).

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  1. Once again Susan proves to be ahead of the field in critical thinking and puts ideology above political popularity. Thanks DJ for giving her the credit where credit is due.

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