Corey Stewart Statement On Senate Redistricting

Press Release: Corey Stewart’s Statement on New Virginia Senate Districts

Woodbridge, VA – In regard to the altered Senate Districts, which were approved by the Virginia Senate on Monday, Prince William County Chairman and Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Corey Stewart, released the following statement:

“In my opinion the Republican members of the Senate acted boldly and justifiably in re-adjusting the Senate districts. The plan drawn by Senator Barker in 2011 was a confusing mess and a clear-cut example of partisan-gerrymandering.  Not only does the proposed plan help enhance Virginia’s compliance with the Voting Rights Act, but it also mitigates Senator Barker’s egregious districts.

I can specifically speak to how awful the Democrat’s plan, which is currently in place, has impacted Prince William County. Like many other counties, cities, and towns in Virginia, we are currently carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey.  The County is split into five different Senate districts, four of which are centered in other jurisdictions.  The 425,000 residents of Prince William County, who by their numbers are entitled to more than two full senate districts, are represented by only one senator who is a county resident.  This new plan also corrects split precincts, which have caused significant confusion among voters.

If I were presiding over the State Senate, I would have supported this plan and used my position to advocate for it.”

Corey Stewart is currently the Chairman At-Large of Prince William County and a candidate for the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Prince William County is located in Northern Virginia and is the Commonwealth’s 2nd largest county with a population of approximately 425,000 residents. Stewart has served since 2006 as Chairman of the Board of County Supervisors.


3 thoughts on “Corey Stewart Statement On Senate Redistricting

  1. I hate to be Mr. Killjoy here but as outraged as we are about the Senate Dems redistricting two years ago, it sort of rings hollow when you look what we did to the House of Ds. Just sayin . . .

  2. It could be conceded the delegate districts aren’t the best, they in no way are as bad as the 2011 Senate Districts. In terms of “compactness” they are significantly better. Look at Barker’s current district. It literally touches Sully and extends to Alexandria. Where is that community of interest?

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