McDonnell transportation tax hike up for vote in House Finance Committee tomorrow

The House Finance Committee docket for tomorrow (1/30) has been posted, and the Governor’s transportation tax hike is on it (HB2313). Moreover, it appears that Dave Albo’s transportation plan (which itself had its problems, but had more potential to be fixed) has been absorbed into HB2313.

My objections to the bill still stand.

That said, much like with Albo’s bill, if the House Finance Committee throws in an income-tax cut large enough to make this revenue-neutral or a net-tax cut, my largest objection will be made moot. I would still prefer that the fuel-efficient car fee go away along with the gas tax, but the supply-sider in me can swallow that with a large enough income tax cut.

Again, however, in its current form, HB2313 should be defeated. It does more harm than good.

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