As I lay here in bed, confined to the hospital, I’ve had a lot of time to think. I’ve been dealing in this nasty game of politics for some time now, and I can’t helping thinking…why?
Why have I dedicated so much time and energy to this political chess game? There is a simple answer – I love it. But what will I do with it? I’ve been able to meet elected officials, hob knobbed with those I’ve read about in the papers, gone to fancy dinner parties and other events, yet I feel as though this isn’t bringing me to a useful point in life. I don’t have a position of power or influence. I’m not an elected official. I’m just a guy who hangs out with Republicans, planning and plotting against the other side.
It took a near death experience to flip the switch and make me realize what it’s all about. I want to be someone who can bring change and make a difference. I’m often asked if I plan on running for office myself, and I always because at that question because I think it’s flawed. The question should be “are you planning on public service?” In those terms, absolutely.
I feel today there are too many folks running for office and not enough people running for public service. There are so many folks out here running on the wrong premise and for the wrong things. Sure, the office is fancy. But what are you going to do with it? Sure getting the low number on your license plate is great, but can you really say you are representing the people of your district?
I know one legislator who irritates me – those of you who know me know who I’m talking about – and that legislator doesn’t represent the district in any way. This is the kind of legislator who cares more about parking enforcement and passing resolutions praising people for covering their mouths when they sneeze. This isn’t representation. This isn’t legislation. It’s tom foolery, and it’s this kind of legislator that needs to be challenged by folks who actually want to serve the public, not sit in a fancy office.
There are way too many people in my age group who are as guilty as I am waiting for the right time to jump into public service. I’m tired of waiting. Life is too short. It’s time for new blood. As for me, being brought to the edge of life and death has made up my mind for me. I’m not going to sit on the sidelines anymore. I want to be a conservative voice for people. I want to be myself – just a regular guy – the kind of guy that would make my historical hero Thomas Jefferson proud.
The old school needs to understand: the next generation is paying attention.


4 thoughts on “AS I LAY

  1. If Republicans want to truly represent the people in their districts, whether it be here in VA or anywhere in the country, we better all adopt your attitude.

    Public Service can be intertwined with Community Service, and if you want a laugh – I think we all need to embrace our inner “Community Organizer” skills and use them to advance our conservative principles within our own communities.

    Good post!

  2. Wrong, wrong, wrong verb!!! “As I LIE…” Ignorance is not excuse.
    (Prez of the Association for Correct English)

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