Transportation tax hike passes House Finance Committee

It was not a good day for the taxpayer. The Governor’s tax hike won by a count of 14-8.

Contrary to the assertions of the Washington Post, the bill had four Democrats voting in favor, not two. In fact, it needed those Democrats to pass. Had all seven Democrats voted “no”, the bill would have failed 12-10.

Five Republicans voted against it: R. Lee Ware, Kathy Byron, Mark Cole, Ben Cline, and Bob Marshall.

So now it goes to the floor…with majority support from both parties so far.

Like TARP.

I’m just sayin’

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3 thoughts on “Transportation tax hike passes House Finance Committee

  1. How can anyone in good conscience add to the cost of food of perhaps millions who dont drive, in order to pay for roads. Shouldnt roads be paid by user fees (eg gasoline tax)?

    1. Ken, we are again in agreement. User fees make sense to me. It also makes little sense to me that poor people in Lee County, or Wise county, should have to pay for a handful of people in the richest county, Loudoun, to be able to ride a shiny new choo-choo. Under McDonnell’s transportation plan a large amount of the money goes to pay for subways in the wealthiest parts of the state, northern Virginia. Why should the 99% of the people in the state pay for the less than 1% who will ever ride the Silver Line?

  2. Oh, Gov. McDonnell will have a legacy alright, now even if the bill passes or not. With a third of the funding for the transportation plan to work, it is dependent on the Congress in Washington passing an internet sales tax bill, which is highly unlikely. What happens when that portion of the funding falls through? McDonnell’s plan will not even take effect, if it passes, until the next Governor takes office. I can’t even imagine Cuccinelli going back and reinstituting the gas tax to make up for the shortfall. I can’t imagine Terry McAuliffe not going back and reinstituting the gas tax to make up for the shortfall. And the sales tax increase will still be in place.

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