Radtke Endorses Stimpson

Former candidate for the U.S. Senate and Tea Party leader has endorsed Stafford County Chairman Susan Stimpson in the race for Lt. Governor.  Last year there was speculation Jamie herself would be a candidate for the job.  However over the last several months Jamie has made it clear she was not going to run and is supporting Stimpson.  Today she released the video below to make it official.

Having Radtke’s support could be a game changer in a convention setting.


6 thoughts on “Radtke Endorses Stimpson

  1. I have to agree with William. What makes these radical right wing nuts think they will ever win an election. The worse part is they are ruining the reputation of good Republicans like Governor McDonell and Lt. Governor Bolling. People are afraid to vote for the few solid Republicans left, because they are ruining the reputation of the party.

  2. what’s more…he either is, or chose a name of a person who actually friended Jamie…so is it bitter grapes ..or?
    I’m no Jamie fan, because I know too much about her alignment with MCsWEENEY, which is unfortunate ….for the TEA party movement, which I do support. Identifying them as rightwing …well, that’s just disingenuious folly. The TEA Party in it’s purest form is a bi-partisan accountability of fiscal transparency. Liberals like to muddy that definition…because it runs counter to their desire to spend other people’s money.

    I like what I’ve seen from Stimpson so far. If you have to criticise the woman, tell us what policy and stances you disagree with.

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