This one is incompetent

Got a mailer from a candidate today titled “This one is Different”, should be titled “This one is incompetent”. The letter was addressed to “Scott & Charles”. You see my first name is Charles and middle is Scott. I typically sign up for political email, etc. using Scott, since most people know me as Scott.

When you steal data lists from your former employer and cobble it together with voter lists and other lists, then try to household the list you end up showing off your incompetence.  This is a bit of a surprise since the guy boasts about how he ran a marketing company. Marketers typically deal with data all the time and take painstaking steps to ensure they don’t screw up like this.

To top it off I’m apparently a conservative leader in Waynesboro. According to Google Maps Waynesboro is about 2 hours away from Falmouth, which is in Stafford County (which is where I live and the mail was addressed to). Either the guy needs a new map of the Commonwealth of Virginia or I have a bunch of conservative minions in Waynesboro I never knew about. Well for my following of conservatives in Waynesboro, please take note of this incompetence.

To combine this with his first move out of the gate sending a blast email out with the salutation of *|FNAME|* there should be some serious concern about the quality assurance efforts out of a team that is relying on serious business experience as cause for candidacy.



3 thoughts on “This one is incompetent

  1. Hey, my name is also FNAME! And I think I too am a leader, somewhere in the Commonwealth, although not in the county where I reside.

    Sounds like the candidate is not only a rich opportunist but an incompetent rich opportunist.

  2. this is what happens when this guy is allowed to try to defile the LG office, at the same time his puppetiers are angling to run as independents if they don’t get their way at a convention….which is very likely to happen, given Cuccennelli’s ability to demonstrate his ability to get Obamacare sidelined, and 10th Amendment issues to the forefront in the country.
    I concur…Snyder got paid any way he went…even as Romney lost the battle due to massive voter fraud and no republican would dare challenge it in public.
    Now, suddenly he needs the grassroots that he dissed.

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