Howell to Rule Against Virginia Senate Redistricting and Cuccinelli supports Revenue increases

Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates, William Howell, will rule against the Senate redistricting plan, ruling it to be not ‘germane’ to the previous House bill.  It’s over, done, dead in the water.  No delegate in Richmond will have to take a stand on this bill.  How convenient for them.

Candidate for Governor, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is now supporting a transportation plan that will increase sales tax and be adjustable for inflation.  It will increase revenues by $1.2 BILLION less than the Governor’s plan. Both plans rely on internet sales tax passing the US Congress.  Details here.  There is still at least one courageous, true conservative, Senator in Richmond who is opposed to both plans since both include tax increases.

Bill Bolling continues to fight hard to be a democrat as he sides with the democrats on many Senate bills.

So, do I have this right?  Republicans control the Governorship, and the General Assembly.  Out of that they do not get the redistricting bill which would have meant a pickup of republican Senate seats but they do get a bill that will increase taxes.  So glad that republicans are in charge in Richmond.  It’s really paying off for us.  <sarcasm off>

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6 thoughts on “Howell to Rule Against Virginia Senate Redistricting and Cuccinelli supports Revenue increases

  1. Brilliant. So the Dems can continue to get 40% of the Senate votes but 50% of the seats. If you combined all the Republicans in Richmond maybe you’d have enough vertebrae for one spine. Maybe

  2. If you are able to locate that spine, please let us know. I know republicans who are in drastic need of a transplant.

  3. From the article you linked-

    “The plan Cuccinelli is backing would not raise sales tax or any fees. It would convert the 17.5 cents-a-gallon gas tax to a sales tax that could rise with inflation. It wasn’t immediately clear how much the sales tax on gas would be.”

    Quote from the above article-

    “Candidate for Governor, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is now supporting a transportation plan that will increase sales tax and be adjustable for inflation.”

    When I read the article, I was about to give up on my avid support for Cuccinelli, but knew I had to check the facts further. It’s a good thing I read the linked article to find that Cuccinelli is not increasing sales taxes on everything we buy, but is keeping the tax on gas, just renaming it a sales tax, rather than a gas tax. Don’t know if the rate will increase, but, it keeps the tax focused on those that use the roadways, rather than on every Virginian that buys anything that is taxed through sales taxes. I don’t like any tax increases, but the plan backed by Cuccinelli is much more palatable than the McDonnell plan. The Cuccinelli plan also relives a huge burden on the state vehicle fleet that McDonnell is trying to convert to alternative fuel vehicles. That would have cost the state the McDonnell proposed fee of $100 per state owned vehicle.

    I do hate that Cuccinelli is keeping the internet sales tax as a part of his plan, but, that is so unlikely to be passed in the federal Congress it is almost a dead on arrival initiative. Perhaps Cuccinelli will find areas in the budget that are not essential. Perhaps he will look to cutting the unnecessary funding for green energy initiatives that are not anywhere near a reliable or cost effective reality.

    I love that Cuccinelli is willing to look at the VA. state budget, and will cut many areas that are overfunded to begin with, including education. Whatever happened to the days when local school taxes, often included in property tax bills, in order to fund the educational system long before it was taken over by the feds and their rules, regulations, testing requirements, and that supported everyone in the school system but the students? How about the Kaine centralized department to collect all data from all veterinarians to send to your local office to insure you buy a pet license?

  4. The Cuccinelli-Newman plan absolutely IS a tax increase, unless the price of gas radically falls.

    Under the current law, we all pay 17½¢ in tax per GALLON purchased, regardless of the underlying retail price of gas. In other words, when you see gas at $3.509 per gallon, it WOULD’VE been $3.334 per gallon WITHOUT the gas tax. And if gas shoots back up to $4.259 a gallon, you’re still only paying 17½¢ per gallon in gas tax.

    Under Cuccinelli-Newman, applying the 5½% SALES tax RATE to your purchase, when the price of gas goes up, the amount of tax PER GALLON also increases. So which politician will ever have ANY incentive to support policies to reduce gas prices (like allowing offshore drilling) when he realizes this REDUCES the revenues to the Commonwealth?

    Make no mistake — Cuccinelli-Newman is a tax HIKE — if it weren’t these guys wouldn’t be offering it.

    1. Exactly! If the state is going to take in over a BILLION dollars, where do they think that money will come from? Fall from the sky? Of course not. It’s a tax increase! I am very disappointed that even Cuccinelli is supporting tax increases.

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