Senate Bill Seeks To Allow Local Income Taxes Without Referenda

According to The Derecho, state Sen. Walter Stosch is at it again, this time with SB 1313.  This bill would remove the requirement for those localities permitted to institute local income taxes to put such measures to a referendum of the voters.  (And here we thought Del. Dave Albo’s local food and bevereage sales tax bill without referenda was bad.)

Adds the City of Portsmouth to the list of localities authorized to impose a local income tax to generate revenue to be used for transportation purposes. The bill also removes the requirement that the local income tax be approved by a referendum and repeals the five-year sunset on the local income tax.

So, which counties and cities are subject to this?

Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William, and the Cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas, Manassas Park, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Virginia Beach

Here’s how the vote went in the Senate Finance Committee:

01/31/13 Senate: Reported from Finance (8-Y 5-N)
YEAS–Stosch, Howell, Saslaw, Hanger, Watkins, Lucas, Ruff, Wagner–8.
NAYS–Colgan, Marsh, Newman, McDougle, Carrico–5.

Hang on to your wallets, people!!!


4 thoughts on “Senate Bill Seeks To Allow Local Income Taxes Without Referenda

  1. The hits just keep on coming. Fairfax and Loudoun will be all over this one! Looks like our taxes are going rise 6 ways to Sunday! GGRRRRRR………I need a new party, one with fiscal conservatives.

  2. Tuesday is crossover day when the bills cross between the houses. There was a similar bill attached to HB3212.

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