Unhappy Birthday, Federal Income Tax!

One hundred years ago yesterday, Feb. 3, 1913, the 16th Amendment was ratified instituting the federal income tax with progressive rates.

What is interesting is this little gem from that article:

The battle to take money earned by Americans had been long, beginning at the outset of the Civil War. President Abraham Lincoln needed to raise cash to fight the South, so Congress introduced the income tax as part of the Revenue Act of 1861. Incomes above $800 annually ($20,370 in 2012 dollars) were taxed at 3 percent — yes, America’s first income tax was a flat tax.

If we’re not going to abolish the income tax, we should at least go to a flat tax with no or as few loopholes as possible.


6 thoughts on “Unhappy Birthday, Federal Income Tax!

  1. Riley, if you want to see the mechanism for PWC being authorized to take even more of your money through a local income tax, check out SB 1313 which was reported out of the Senate Finance Committee. It’s curious how our BOCS hasn’t mentioned it.

  2. without which we would be an unarmed 3rd world nation …… witthout roads, schools……..thank God for the riches bestowed on us inn part because of taxes……btw, why is it our nation can celebrate the super bowl and heroes…………..and spend billions in the process……………but screw the govts who defend these freedoms….

  3. Ken, might want to check with your GP and get those meds checked, your missives are becoming increasingly incoherent.

  4. Net net is that we potentially get a local income tax, county meals tax, lose the protection afforded by the referendum process and the sunset clause, all so those fat bastards in Richmond can claim THEY didn’t raise taxes. I just wonder how Maureen is going to work the phrase “But its all about the children” into her argument for establishing these new taxes and which two supervisors are going to be allotted the remaining two “Nay” slots (Candland gets one of the three “by right”).

  5. Some of us tried to get a county meals tax for schools back in the 90s when we had open classrooms…it failed 2x……we would have made about $1.0 billion in 15 years if enacted……btw Derecho…..i’ll ck my meds if you ck your arithmetic books!! duh…….freedom costs $

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