The Most Courageous Man in Richmond

That man is Senator Dick Black.  Over the last few weeks Senator Black has made it clear to his colleagues that he will not support tax increases and that includes the Governor’s transportation plan.  Senator Black is the only senator to stand up and say “I am not voting for any taxes, period”.   There is no doubt that Senator Black has faced tremendous pressure from his caucus, from the Governor,  from many in the business community, and many others, to support the transportation plan which would increase taxes to the tune of $3+ BILLION over the coming years.   Half of that money would go to mass transit, subways, in NOVA, to benefit less than 2% of the population of Virginia.  Senator Black isn’t going to ask poor people across the state to pay higher taxes and fees to provide a subway for the richest people in the entire country.  Dick Black is the one of the very few representatives we have in Richmond who is looking out for the little guy.

Will Senator Black’s refusal to vote for tax increases derail (pun intended) the Governor’s tax increase plan?  It may.    If it does, we owe Dick Black a huge debt of gratitude for standing up for all of us against higher taxes.   Isn’t that why we elect Republicans?  To stand up for the little guy and vote against increasing our taxes?  If we need more money for roads and subways, why not cut other spending?  Why are tax increases always the answer in Richmond and in Washington?

I am blessed and honored to be represented in Richmond by a real Republican, one who cares about all of us and is willing to stand up for his beliefs to protect the citizens of Virginia. Always.

Thank you Senator Black!


One thought on “The Most Courageous Man in Richmond

  1. I think the most courageous people in Richmond are those who espouse the aristotolian theory of arithmetic……….not those who duh say i will not raise taxes, but those who figure out what their constituents need, whether it be roads, schools, etc and then figure out how to pay the bills!!!

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