Howell’s death-blow to Senate redistricting clears way for tax hike

One can argue on the merits and optics of the State Senate GOP’s redistricting move last month, but Dick Saslaw made one thing clear to the Washington Examiner, with Speaker Howell killing the proposed lines, a tax increase is now a certainty.

Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw, D-Springfield, indicated that negotiations over transportation between the GOP and Democrats will be much smoother now.

“We’ll get things worked out,” Saslaw said.

…and taxpayers will get worked over…

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6 thoughts on “Howell’s death-blow to Senate redistricting clears way for tax hike

  1. Riley, I hope that you are right. How strange that the republicans are fighting to increase taxes and democrats are opposing it.

    1. The Democrats were not opposing tax hikes, they wanted to insure their seats in their districts were safe. Now watch the Democrats come on board with a Republican Governors tax hikes. McDonnell’s legacy will be as a tax hiker, and for that he just kissed any 2016 ambitions goodbye. In 2016 McDonnell will still be “Hi, I’m Bob “I’m available” McDonnell, I support tax hikes and wind energy, but vote for me anyway because I weight less than Gov. Christie.

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