Bill Bolling, Is he IN for Governor?

More and more it sounds like Lt. Governor Bill Bolling will run for Governor as an independent.  Of course he won’t win, only one independent has ever won the Governorship of Virginia.  Bolling said on Thursday that he will make the decision and the announcement of that decision by March 14th.  Currently, all signs point to a foolish independent run by Bill Bolling.  More here and here.


8 thoughts on “Bill Bolling, Is he IN for Governor?

  1. I don’t believe that Bolling has winning the Governor’s seat in mind with an independent run. It would be more likely that McAuliffe laid the marker for him. Run as an independent and take as many votes away from Cuccinelli as possible, or you won’t get the job of your dreams in my administration.

    1. What job might that be? Bolling’s been Lt. Governor. Any job in the McAuliffe administration would be a huge step down. It certainly wouldn’t be a ‘dream job’. That kind of job comes as a consultant. Deloitte paid Tom Davis $1.5 million a year when he stepped away from Congress. THAT’s a dream job!

  2. I agree with MinPin.

    Either Bolling is running as spoiler in order to obtain a patronage position. (Which would be about the most treasonous thing he could do to his life long Republican label).

    Or he is not running. He knows he can not mount a viable statewide campaign. That is why he effectively stopped fundraising seven months ago.

    1. If he concluded that he can’t win the republican nomination, why would he think that he can win as an Independent? He’s running as a spoiler, to deny Ken Cuccinelli the nomination. And you’re right, it’s a terrible thing to do to what was his party and to the state of Virginia.

  3. Even though i am an extreme far-left moderate and only vote for Democrats, i just might vote for Bolling. He is more experienced than either Cooch or McAuliffe, has a moderate agenda compared to Cooch……and has stood up for himself in the wake of the right wing conventioneers who put the screws to his candidacy……….Vote Bolling in 13!!!

  4. Bolling has consistently agreed with Cuccinelli on the issues over most of his political career. Any differences now are strictly for show and to try to make a case he’s an “independent”. In fact all he has done by taking this tack is show that he’s always been a political opportunist. He was a conservative as long as it benefitted him. Now he’s a “moderate”. Bottom line, I am convinced the man is a liar and deserves no-one’s vote. In truth he’s following a long held tradition of the “establishment” republicans in VA and is taking his marbles and running as an independent in order to keep a conservative out of office. While these slime balls are more than happy to accept conservative votes when it helps them, they would rather see a Democrat in office than a true conservative.

  5. The “slime balls” are the ones that screwed Bolling out of the nomination via the so-called convention. And they expect Bolling to get in line??? Hell no as Boehner says……………vote Bolling in 13………..guts and character

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