UPDATED: On Crossover Rob Bell’s Voter Fraud Bills Breeze Through House

Delegate Rob Bell scored major victories today for three key pieces of legislation designed to combat voter fraud.  They are:

House Bill 2331 – Gives the Virginia Attorney General independent authority to prosecute violations of election laws, instead of having to wait to be invited.  (83Y-17N)  This was the closest of the three votes and appears to have been controversial with 17 No votes because it removed a layer of bureaucracy.

House Bill 1764 – Requires Virginia to work with other states to ensure that no voter is registered in two states at the same time.  (100Y-0N)

House Bill 1765 – Requires the State Police to help identify felons among those who are registering to vote and to help the State Board of Elections to identify felons that are already on the voter rolls. (94Y-4N)  The 4 Nays here were Carr, Kory, McClellan, and Morrissey.

With these pieces of legislation, it will be easier to investigate and prosecute suspected voter fraud violations in the Commonwealth.  In 2008, there were 38 charges of voter fraud in Virginia. Most of these have resulted in convictions. In another 194 cases, the state police found likely evidence of fraud, but local prosecutors declined to prosecute.

UPDATED: Voter fraud while ‘nonexistent’ according to some, seems to be popping up again as the National Review reports.