I’m starting to believe the people in my party have short memories. Do you remember November and the tactics of attack did not work? Well some believe that the mantra of our party is to just attack liberals and call the derogatory names, stupid, or worse.
Well how has that been working out for us?
In my opinion not that great. It’s time for us to start taking a positive approach. How will those who have misconceptions of the Republican Party become educated if we don’t educate them? I’m not sure if anyone has thought of that lately. I have personally tried to stop the attacks and have been trying to promote the positives, starting with our past.
Let’s promote the rich history of the party of Lincoln and abolitionists. Let’s promote the present things like the work that Delegates Comstock, Bell and Ramadan are doing in Richmond. Great bills are passing that many folks love but have no idea that these are sponsored by Strong Conservative Republicans. These same folks will still see us as enemies.
Promote Promote Promote… not attack attack attack. It’s not working.
Listen, I know it’s fun to bash liberals and the kooky weird things that they say and do, but please don’t forget to PROMOTE the GOP. It’s time we get into the mode of educating the masses, educating your neighbors, educating your friends and your family. That is how we will win and how we will become the dominant party. In these discussion with folks who are ultimately in line with us but don’t know it, let them know how our party is the party they need to look into, don’t bash them for their misguided thoughts on us educate them on our party.


2 thoughts on “STICKS AND STONES

  1. I am conservative and a former Reagancrat Republican. I’m not sure that Republicans are really ‘for’ much of anything specific these days.

    These days I consider myself an independent AND as a Reagancrat I do vote for Democrats as well as Republicans. Come election time, once I hear the empty rancor that passes for rhetoric then I leave those candidates off my ballot list.

    Both Republicans and Democrats vote the party line more often than not (>90% of the time) so … ATTITUDE MATTERS almost more than what a candidate says that they believe.

    The GOP should be indeed about ideas, methods and processes. I left the GOP when it became apparent that anyone that disagrees and dares to voice their differences will usually be labeled a RINO and pushed out of the party.

    Today’s GOP is not the Party of Reagan that attracted this Reagancrat. The GOP lost us in the last election almost completely and no one should assume that we will easily come back … or cheerfully do so … unless perhaps your name is Comstock, Anderson or Ramadan.

    Some of my favorite GOP members are Barbara Comstock, Rich Anderson, and David Ramadan — because they are about getting results and not trying to win trashtalker of the day. They’ve got a red, white and blue attitude. Go Team America!

  2. Comstock ended any chance I would support her the day she decided that the issue to take a principled stand on was to let the government indefinitely detain citizens, without charge (NDAA).

    If the Magna Carta has too many restrictions on government power for your tastes, I don’t want you in my party.

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