Who is Supporting Pete Snyder for Lt. Governor?

(Rudy Giuliani in one of his drag costumes.)

The short answer is the most moderate factions of the republican party, the same people who opposed Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General because he would ‘bring down the whole republican ticket’ now support Pete Snyder.  These are the same people who supported Anna Lee for 10th district chair over John Whitbeck, a real conservative who won with over 80% of the vote.  Further evidence is today’s announcement that Pete Snyder has received the endorsement of Arlington County GOP chair,  Charles Hokanson.   Is there any republican committee in Virginia more moderate, aka liberal, than Arlington County?   Some people in Fairfax are supporting Pete because they want the most ‘moderate’ candidate and they view only Jeannemarie Davis and Snyder as party moderates.  The other five are “too conservative’ according to Fairfax republicans.

Just how moderate/liberal is Pete Snyder?  In 1997 Pete worked for Rudy Giuliani in his campaign for Mayor of New York.  Let’s not forget, the Liberal Party endorsed Giuliani three times, while the Conservative Party of New York refused to endorse him in any of his runs for office.  The Conservative Party was founded by William F. Buckley in 1960 and remains a political force in New York.  More about them here.   They refused to endorse Giuliani but Pete Snyder supported him.  Meanwhile the liberal party endorse Guiliani and  said this about him:

“…when the Liberal Party Policy Committee reviewed a list of key social issues of deep concern to progressive New Yorkers, we found that Rudy Giuliani agreed with the Liberal Party’s stance on a majority of such issues. He agreed with the Liberal Party’s views on affirmative action, gay rights, gun control, school prayer and tuition tax credits. As Mayor, Rudy Giuliani would uphold the Constitutional and legal rights to abortion.”
 –N.Y.S. Liberal Party Endorsement Statement of R. Giuliani for Mayor of New York City April 8, 1989″
Rudy Giuliani not only supports abortion but has refused to denounce even partial birth abortion.  Few would argue that partial birth abortions should be legal.  It’s horrific and disgusting.
Pete Snyder’s support for Rudy Giuliani didn’t stop after his runs for Mayor.  Snyder continued his support for Giuliani when he ran for President in 2008, Snyder maxed out his contributions to him.    Snyder’s wife also maxed out her contributions to Guiliani’s run for President.   That’s a lot of money for one family, demonstrating their solid support for Guiliani for President.       
The moderate/liberals in NOVA argue that Snyder has amazing abilities to bring in money from across the country and that will help our republican ticket.   We know that he has a great deal of appeal from outside Virginia, the vast majority of his current support is from outside Virginia.   How do we know that he intends to share these funds with the other candidates?  Ken Cuccinelli is much better known nationally.  He is a conservative hero across the country.  With only a few states having elections this year, Ken Cuccinelli will draw tremendous support from conservatives across the country.  He will have little need to depend on the largess of the relatively unknown Pete Snyder.   So that argument falls flat.

The real reason for Snyder’s support among the moderate/liberals in the party support is because he is the candidate who is most like them.  They share his views, just as they share the views of Rudy Guiliani.   I expect Snyder to gain support at the convention from Fairfax, Alexandria, and Arlington.  The Rest of Virginia?  Not so much.  The majority attending the convention will be Ken Cuccinelli delegates.  Who can forget 2009 when Ken’s supporters and their Gadsden Flags that filled the convention hall?   Those delegates will not be supporting the most liberal candidate running for Lt. Governor, but will chose among the five conservatives.

Snyder claims he is full of Big Ideas, but we have yet to see any details of these Big Ideas.  While he can steal and parrot positions after other more conservative candidates in the LG race publish we have no idea where Snyder really stands on taxes, economic issues, transportation, abortion, 2nd Amendment or any other issues that concern conservatives.  Snyder is running a terrific campaign for Prom King, but this year this race is more important than clever gimmicks and cute ads.

Sorry Pete, but it ain’t you babe.

UPDATE:  I learned today that some of Pete’s recent endorsements are the results of meetings facilitated by Pat Mullins, Virginia Republican Chairman.  I thought our chairman was supposed to remain neutral in races among republicans.  Once again, I have to wonder why establishment Richmond Republicans pulled Pete Snyder into the party last year, grooming him to run for Lt. Governor and eventually Governor?  Why chose an unknown, a political outsider and complete novice,  when so many republicans in the state have proven records in the party and solid conservative credentials?  I’d love to know the answer.


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  1. The Arlington County Committee is very conservative. Hokanson is as right wing as you’ll find anywhere. They are not like the voters of that county.

    1. I am glad to know that at least the chair in Arlington is a conservative. Perhaps he can tell us why he supports Pete over the other, proven, well known, conservatives. I’d be glad to hear his reasons.

  2. This is way off the mark, LL. Your first post on Snyder was much better. Supporting Rudy is not something anyone should be ashamed of, I supported him in the past for president. He was running for mayor of New York, not governor of Alabama. That really isn’t fair considering how every Republican always pointed to Rudy winning twice in New York as to show how GOP could win in urban areas.

  3. I would think it would be a red flag to many when someone raises so much of their campaign funds from out of state donors. My first thought obviously is why the interest in an in state election, which will affect only Virginia? Even before the election of the current Gov., and Lt. Gov., there have been a handful of long time Republican Senators that have been sold on Virginia being the “east coast energy capitol” with their push for Wind and Solar energy. Has anyone missed the fact that McDonnell and Bolling are on the same page? Has anyone missed the fact that those energy delivery systems are no where near cost effective for anyone even if the funding was already spent to install the infrastructure for those systems, and they are to this day unreliable sources of energy. I must wonder if Snyder’s out of state donors, or at least a part of them, are part of the alternative energy environmentalists.

    On the other hand, Ken Cuccinelli has talked about the increased costs to all Virginia electricity customers paying higher costs because of the mandates and subsidies heaped on the biggest electricity companies, Dominion for one, to engage in alternative energy research and development, which necessarily causes electricity rates to increase. Sound familiar?

    I know those initiatives started back at least as far as the Tim Kaine admin., and both McDonnell and Bolling served in that administration, as well as one Republican Senator in particular, Frank Wagner, who has been working on the alternative energy sources for years.

    It has been my “opinion” that perhaps a part of Bolling’s hissy fits at Ken Cuccinelli running for the seat he was promised, is because he can’t bear to watch Cuccinelli possibly stand in the way of the progress he, and the environmentalists have advanced to such a degree, and with the help of a so-called conservative Gov. I can’t say that I know Cuccinelli will stop, or even slow down the environmentalists push should he become the next Gov., but I think Cuccinelli’s comments so far indicate that he may not be willing to invest so much taxpayer money in something that is still more than a little underdeveloped, and a lot unreliable. As so many have pointed out, if wind and/or solar energy were ready for prime time, someone in the private sector would now be one of the wealthiest people on the planet.

    Is that why Snyder has so much backing from around the country? so that he would thwart any attempts on Cuccinelli’s behalf to slow down or defund the next bridge to nowhere?

    1. You should start following the advice my mother gave me many years ago. “If you have nothing nice to say, you should say nothing at all.”

      Why is it that 90% of the posts and comments you write are nasty and negative? You can disagree without being rude and mean.

  4. Welcome to politics Jiminy! Until someone can explain to me why our Republican establishment in Richmond decided to pull Snyder from political obscurity and into the party last year to run him for Lt. Governor this year, I’ll continue to dig and post. I think convention delegates need to know who the man is, and why he was the chosen one, before they vote for him in May.

  5. Ummm you actually didn’t address any of my comments so I will run them down for you so you can respond to each.

    Jo Thoburn is a long committed Ron Paul activist in Fairfax, she endorsed Pete because of his principles. What does she gain financially from endorsing Pete?

    Oliver North is well outside “the establishment” so much so that his opponent was endorsed by John Warner. He also endorsed Pete. Where is the personal gain for him?

    FInally, Erick Erickson doesn’t live inside the beltway and is a thorn in the side of the DC establishment. He endorses candidates based on their conservative beliefs and actions. So what does he gain by endorsing Pete?

    The easiest non-black helicopters answer to all of the above is that they know that Pete is a true conservative who can’t be bought. He isn’t an establishment politician dressed up as a Ron Paulite who will listen to the speaker as soon as they are in office.

    1. Pete worked for Oliver North back in 1994, did some media work for him. North was returning a personal favor AND Pete let him peddle his books at Pete’s event. I wish I could tell you why Jo endorsed Pete, but then someone would have to shoot me.

      Please point us to Pete’s record of backing conservatives, even giving them money, something, anything. Oh yeah, you must be referring to that $25,000 that he gave Bolling and the $130 that he gave to Cuccinelli. Other than that, I’m just not seeing it. http://www.vpap.org/donors/profile/index/66947?start_year=2003&end_year=2012&lookup_type=year&filing_period=all All the way back to 2003, I’m just not seeing that mass support for our conservative leaders.

  6. Hey look at that you have no answer for Jo Thoburn or Erick Erickson and you mentioned that Pete worked for conservative Ollie North. Looks like I’m not the only lardhead living in Lovettesville.

    In terms of Pete’s donations- he donated to Bolling in 2009 before he was running for Governor and before he went off the cliff. Snyder did give over $8,000 to conservative candidates running for the Virginia Senate in 2011 as well numerous donations to conservative Congressional candidates like Keith Fimian prior to 2013.

    Also the $130 to the Cuccinelli inaugural is $130 more than most candidates have given the governor candidate.

    1. How interesting that we have another Fairfax democrat supporting Pete. And I thought Phil Tran was the only one!

      You live in Lovettsville and yet work in the GA? Hahahaha………I’d say, nice try, except it isn’t. Like I said, it’s not rocket science figuring out who you are!

      It’s nice to be attracting from such a wide audience, even leftists in the GA!

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