It looks like Virginians’ taxes will go up

The word from the Washington Post is that the conferees in the Virginia Legislature are moving closer to a deal. How close to McDonnell’s tax hike or Frank Wagner’s tax hike is not known.

What is known is that Virginia taxpayer is about to suffer the consequences of Republicans and Democrats working together (previous disasters from bipartisanship: an ethanol policy that nearly starved the world of grain, TARP, the federal tax increase of 2013, and apparently the state tax increase of 2013).

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One thought on “It looks like Virginians’ taxes will go up

  1. No matter what comes out of Richmond, McDonnell will not be wearing a ring of roses around his neck for getting a transportation plan passed during his administration, he will be wearing a ring of thorns as a Tax Hiker. You would think that he of all people would have kept a focus on the next rung on his ladder to higher office, rather than breaking the rung he is currently standing on.

    Not sure why Frank Wagner keeps the R after his name. He hasn’t acted like one in years. I miss the voting record of the various liberal Republicans on the left side of the page here. I guess it burned hole in the page.

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