Ken Cuccinelli opposes the General Assembly’s plan to raise taxes for Transportation!

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has issued a statement opposing the transportation tax increase that the General Assembly is about to vote on.  Bearing Drift has the story here.   From that story, Ken’s statement,

“I applaud the governor and the General Assembly for taking action to address the serious problem of transportation in Virginia. To continue to grow our economy and create newjobs, we need a reliable transportation network that businesses can use to quickly ship their products and that will ease congestion for commuters in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads. I have not yet seen the final conference report, and so my comments are necessarily limited until I have the opportunity to read the bill.

“If localities are given more authority to address their most urgent transportation needs, that would be an element that I strongly support, and it would be an element that addresses one of the most fundamental disconnects in Virginia transportation today: the one between those responsible for land use planning and those responsible for transportation planning. However, the details of this have not been forthcoming, and we need to ensure that any structural changes meet constitutional muster.

“The bill that has reportedly come out of conference is vastly different than the proposals made by Governor McDonnell earlier this session and appears to have a very different fiscal impact on the General Fund and Virginia taxpayers. If reports are correct, this new bill contemplates a massive tax increase. In these tough economic times, I do not believe Virginia’s middle class families can afford massive tax increases, and I cannot support legislation that would ask the taxpayers to shoulder an even heavier burden than they are already carrying, especially when the government proposes to do so little belt tightening in other areas of the budget.

“I believe that every member of the General Assembly should have the opportunity to thoroughly review this new legislation in its entirety once it becomes available, evaluate the fiscal impact it will have on the people of Virginia, and determine if this proposed legislation will actually resolve our serious transportation problems before it is brought to the floor for a vote.

“Addressing the transportation needs of Virginia is a very complex matter and there are no easy solutions. I applaud the governor and the General Assembly for working to address the critical issue, but we must make sure that the final legislation meets our core obligations, addresses our transportation problems, and does not harm our economy. With Virginia families and business facing rising gas prices, increased regulatory burdens and taxes from the federal government, and the fiscal impact of the federal health care law dramatically rising as we approach the 2014 implementation, we cannot ask them to fund another enormous tax increase.”

More on the story here. 

Way to go Ken!  Thank you for standing up for the people of Virginia and opposing this massive tax increase.   It is particularly onerous for those in northern Virginia who will see their sales tax increase to 6%, in addition to all the other new taxes.    I urge everyone to write to your senators and delegates immediately with your opposition this terrible tax plan, HB2313.  Just say NO!


7 thoughts on “Ken Cuccinelli opposes the General Assembly’s plan to raise taxes for Transportation!

  1. Way to go Ken………do it the old fashioned Republican way…………leave it to the Democrats to fix the problem……………..and stand on the sidelines and cry about the problems and the Democrats sticking their necks out to raise the money to fix the problems. YEP………………Ken’s a model Republican!!! And to add frosting on the cake, ask the localities to develop a transportation network on their own…..fcs, just like the turnpikes of yesteryear!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for Ken

    1. I thought the war cry was that transportation funding hasn’t been addressed in more than 30 years. Isn’t that what the liberals are shouting? In your haste to blame the Republicans, you fail to recognize that we have had Democrat Governors, and Democrat legislative control over that time period also, and transportation funding was never “fixed” during Democrat administrations either.

      So McDonnell makes a deal with the Dems., I’ll abandon the Republican redistricting plans, if you support and vote for my transportation plan. The Democrats agree, only until the redistricting plan is dead. Now they come back and up the ante with saying they won’t vote for the Gov’s transportation plan unless he agrees to accepting the federal government’s demand for medicaid expansion.

      So McDonnell put himself in this untenable position, because he put trust and faith in the ever untrustworthy Democrats. If he bails on the Republicans and gives in to medicaid expansion and tax increases, he can kiss any future political aspirations he may have had goodbye. If he stands with the Republicans, he will watch what he so desperately wanted as his legacy to die in the legislature, due to previously promised support from the Democrats which they have abandoned. I doubt that McDonnell will have learned that you don’t make deals with the devil, but this should be a huge lesson to all Republicans everywhere- don’t ever trust a Democrat, when their lips are moving they are lying, and they have no intention of making good on any of their promises.

      So tell me again Ken that the Democrats “fix” things. Medicaid expansion and redistricting have nothing to do with transportation. If the Democrats were serious and wanted to “fix” transportation, they wouldn’t hold the Gov. hostage with their Christmas list of demands.

      I don’t care how this bill crashes and burns, or who is responsible for it’s demise, it just needs to die a swift death. Hopefully some lessons will have been learned by everyone.

  2. If the democrats really had a plan to ‘fix’ the problem, I’d be all for it, but massive tax increases to fund more subways for the 2%, is NOT the way to get things done. This will only serve to discourage more growth in Virginia. By the time they finish raising ‘special’ taxes in Nova, in addition to all the other tax hikes in this bill, we may as well live in Maryland!

  3. Maybe McDonnell’s career will spike as he stands up and fights for the needs of the people instead like he did last year, cower before the right-wingers as he became governor ultrasound!!! He is resurrecting his image as someone who is trying to do what is right!!!

  4. I’m hard put to figure out what Mr. Cuccinelli’s position on transportation funding is and I suspect he wants me to have a hard time figuring it out. You guys seem absolutely ready to hear what you want to hear.

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