Newt Gingrich on Bill Bolling

Fmr. House Speaker Newt Gingrich appeared on WMAL’s “Mornings on the Mall” radio program this morning. During the course of the interview, he was asked about Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling’s actions as of late. Gingrich noted that Bolling is complaining that the party is becoming more ideologically driven, yet Bolling is dressing up ambition driven as a moral cause.



5 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich on Bill Bolling

  1. Gingrich has a record as a bit of ……huge loser……and a sore one at that. Who is Newt to speak about morality given his track record………..Bolling is finally coming out from the shadows….and calling the shots straight!!!

  2. Independent Green Party leaders are very serious about Bill Bolling as their Independent Green Party candidate for Governor. Led by the Indy Green Party state Vice Chair, Gail “for Rail” Parker, and Denny McKell (Gail “for Rail” and McKell are both U.S. Air Force retirees), the Indy Greens have established a political action committee (PAC). Now the Independent Green Party team has a Draft Bill Bolling web site:

    An alliance between Bill Bolling and the Independent Greens makes sense. The Indy Green Party has a proven record of collecting thousands of petition signatures across Virginia every year. Bolling will need 10,000 valid signatures to get on the ballot. That means Indy Greens would need to collect 20,000 signatures for Bolling. Some Independent Greens started collecting signatures in January.

    The Independent Green Party group has released a series of video press releases urging Bill Bolling to run for Governor as Independent Green Party candidate. Denny McKell is a retired TV and radio producer, and newsman. McKell produced the video press releases for his Independent Green Party.

    “We need ‘More Trains, Less Traffic!” says Gail “for Rail” Parker, the retired U.S. Air Force officer and former two-time statewide on-the-ballot candidate for US Senate (2006 & 2008).

    “An alliance with the Independent Green Party of Virginia and Bill Bolling as our Indy Green candidate for Governor can provide positive pro-business, and pro-rail policy to grow the economy and create sustainable rail, solar, wind, and geothermal energy jobs.” Gail ‘for Rail’ Parker has been on the ballot as an Indy Green Party rail advocate for each of the last 8 years. The Independent Greens are Virginia’s most successful on ballot third party in Virginia in a century.

    IG Fifth District Chairman Brandon Trent adds, “As the chief jobs creation office while serving as Lt. Governor, Bolling knows how to sell the strengths of the Commonwealth for companies interested in bringing industry to Virginia. Here in Southside Virginia we need an economic boost. Just the fact that he came out in favor of continuing the ban on uranium mining shows that he knows we can do better than create a dangerous industry that would run investors off.”

    The Independent Green Party is recruiting candidates for House of Delegates across Virginia. Indy Greens hope to run a full slate of 100 House of Delegates candidates this year.

    Independent Green Party Draft Bolling video.

  3. Bolling has lost all credibility. Either he’s been a liar for 20+ years, or he’s a liar now. The man is not a credible candidate for Governor.

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