Terry McAuliffe — Always Good For A Laugh

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Putting Jobs First

Terry’s fighting to bring quality jobs to Virginia. Sign up and show your support!

“Terry’s fighting to bring quality jobs to Virginia” Really? Because the last time I checked, when given the choice for his own company McAuliffe was creating jobs in Mississippi instead of Virginia.


9 thoughts on “Terry McAuliffe — Always Good For A Laugh

  1. Well, maybe he might start bringing jobs to virginia instead of mississippi………..certainly Cooch aint gonna bring any!!!

  2. “might” is the key word. Depends on how many citizens of Virginia are foolish enough to vote for him over Cuccinelli.

  3. Where do I begin? Terry McAuliffe is, in his own words, a HUSTLER. He has no idea how his company wound up in MS. At first it was because Virginia didn’t make a bid. The real reason is the initial application was incomplete. The 2nd reason was that it was the decision of his Board of Directors (which he apparently forgot when stating his first reason.) The real reason, I’m betting, is that Terry will tell you he’s “signed thousands of documents, but never read them.” With that attitude, a LOT can get lost in the details.

    GreenTech Automotive pledged to hire thousands of workers to assemble tens of thousands of vehicles in the MS plant by the end of 2012. Today the plant is still under construction and there are barely 100 workers. McAuliffe has a history of “deals” where, with little personal investment, he comes out way ahead and it looks like MS won’t get very much for whatever accommodations GreenTech received.

    Terry also says, “I have big ideas. If you don’t like them, don’t vote for me.”

    Thank you for the sage advice, and you can keep your “Solyndra on Wheels” in Mississippi.

  4. Speaking of laughs, I heard that Cooch said on Morning Joe today that he wont register his son for Social Security because that is “how they get you”……….hohohohoho……McAuliffe wont have to worry about Cooch with comments like that…..these are the kinds of idiotic statements that Jindal was talking about……keep it up Cooch!!!!

    1. Well Ken, since you seem to be a real fan of McAuliffe, aren’t you somewhat surprised he hasn’t dropped out of the governor’s race? Really? Not surprised? Terry’s said “I’d like to be the Pope, if I could.” And the job’s open now. 😉

  5. Sorry Larsele, Terry’s comment about being Pope is not in the same league as Cooch’s on Social Security. Wait til Cooch’s son goes to get a job and he tells the prospective employer why he doesnt have an SS number…….talk about warping and embarassing a kid!!!

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